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Conflux Magic The Gathering Cards

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Conflux follows the new publishing standards set by Wizards of the Coast in Shards of Alara. That is, mythic rares are included in one out of every eight packs. Intro packs contain 41 cards and one booster pack, and replace pre-constructed theme decks.[1] This set also contains more prismatic cards, including one named after the set, which allows you to get 1 card of each color from your library and put them into your hand.

Elements of adverse reactions to the other Shards come into play in this set, as the story showcases that the Shards are being forced together in a ring, constantly raking against one another causing untold amounts of disasters among the shards. Esper finds itself clashing with Grixis and Bant, Bant is wedged between Esper and Naya, Naya finds its way between Bant and Jund, Jund conflicts with Grixis and Naya, and Grixis is pressed between Esper and Jund.

Nicol Bolas, who was once rumored to be in the set, was actually included as a planeswalker. This card was originally printed in the Legends set as a creature, but is now being reprinted as "Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker", with the same mana colors he had originally; Black Blue Red. These colors represent Nicol Bolas's existence on the Grixis shard. Wizards of the Coast released pictures of the new planeswalker including a mural that will appear on the new booster boxes.

This set continues on the Shards of Alara set's Exalted, Unearth, and Devour mechanics, as well as adds the following ability:

Domain - This is an ability word which refers to an effect involving the number of basic land types among lands you control (Anywhere from 0-5). One such example is Matca Rioters, whose power and toughness are defined by the number of different basic land types you control. This ability is accompanied by Basic Landcycling, similar to previous forms of deck-searching cycling, where any basic land can be fetched for the cost.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbsorb Vis
Magic Card ImageAerie Mystics
Magic Card ImageAncient Ziggurat
Magic Card ImageApocalypse Hydra
Magic Card ImageApocalypse Hydra - Foil
Magic Card ImageArmillary Sphere
Magic Card ImageArmillary Sphere - Foil
Magic Card ImageAsha's Favor
Magic Card ImageAven Squire
Magic Card ImageAven Trailblazer
Magic Card ImageAven Trailblazer - Foil
Magic Card ImageBanefire
Magic Card ImageBeacon Behemoth
Magic Card ImageBeacon Behemoth - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlood Tyrant
Magic Card ImageBlood Tyrant - Foil
Magic Card ImageBloodhall Ooze
Magic Card ImageBone Saw
Magic Card ImageBone Saw - Foil
Magic Card ImageBrackwater Elemental
Magic Card ImageCanyon Minotaur
Magic Card ImageCelestial Purge
Magic Card ImageCelestial Purge - Foil
Magic Card ImageCharnelhoard Wurm
Magic Card ImageCharnelhoard Wurm - Foil
Magic Card ImageChild of Alara
Magic Card ImageCliffrunner Behemoth
Magic Card ImageCliffrunner Behemoth - Foil
Magic Card ImageConflux
Magic Card ImageConstricting Tendrils
Magic Card ImageConstricting Tendrils - Foil
Magic Card ImageControlled Instincts
Magic Card ImageCorrupted Roots
Magic Card ImageCountersquall
Magic Card ImageCourt Homunculus
Magic Card ImageCourt Homunculus - Foil
Magic Card ImageCumber Stone
Magic Card ImageCylian Sunsinger
Magic Card ImageCylian Sunsinger - Foil
Magic Card ImageDark Temper
Magic Card ImageDarklit Gargoyle
Magic Card ImageDrag Down
Magic Card ImageDragonsoul Knight
Magic Card ImageDreadwing
Magic Card ImageElder Mastery
Magic Card ImageEmber Weaver
Magic Card ImageEsper Cormorants
Magic Card ImageEsperzoa
Magic Card ImageEsperzoa - Foil
Magic Card ImageEthersworn Adjudicator
Magic Card ImageEthersworn Adjudicator - Foil
Magic Card ImageExotic Orchard
Magic Card ImageExploding Borders
Magic Card ImageExtractor Demon
Magic Card ImageFaerie Mechanist
Magic Card ImageFiery Fall
Magic Card ImageFiligree Fracture
Magic Card ImageFleshformer
Magic Card ImageFont of Mythos
Magic Card ImageFrontline Sage
Magic Card ImageFusion Elemental
Magic Card ImageGiltspire Avenger
Magic Card ImageGleam of Resistance
Magic Card ImageGluttonous Slime
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