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Combos Utilizing Wall-of-Kelp

Magic The Gathering Combo
pay uu to put kelp into play, then sacrifice it to draw a card without wasting any of your more important creatures. works with other sacrifices, too.
Magic The Gathering Combo
Put Altar of Dementia in play. Declare Wall of Kelp a blocker & cast Glyph of Destruction. Sac the wall to the altar & make opponent put 10 cards from his library into his graveyard.
Magic The Gathering Combo
tap the sorcerer to do a damage pay 2 blue make a wall ping again tap 1 land and wall to make another 1, and ping again, then tap the 2 walls to make another, well you get the idea. ping x infinity
Magic The Gathering Combo
use wall of kelpto creat wall creatures to feed wall of mulch to draw a card

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