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Combos Utilizing Sunken-City

Magic The Gathering Combo
Sac the krakens when you have the chance then play the spawning bed start animating the krakens and sac to the spawning bed then play sunken city (could sleight bad moons to blue to make em bigger use wills and drudgys with flight to stall time)
Magic The Gathering Combo
now you can play a 3/3 creature for 1 land
Magic The Gathering Combo
bring out homarid spawning bed, play something big and put out as many sunken cities as you can. if your creature is destroyed, pay three and sac it in reponse. e.g.if you have 3 sss out, you get 4/4s
Magic The Gathering Combo
play reef shaman, then lord next turn. put out a sunken city, then any merefolk after that can be a 3/3 unblockable when u change opponents land to an island

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