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Combos Utilizing Energy-Tap

Magic The Gathering Combo
i forgot the puppeteer to untap denizen.
Magic The Gathering Combo
1.swamp 2.island 3.mountain or swamp bury alive the draco.4.animate the draco, energy tap it,burnt offering it, and fireball, disintigrate, blaze, drain life, or soulburn opponent for 31 max damage
Magic The Gathering Combo
be a real bastard! make them draw more than they can afford to play!
Magic The Gathering Combo
play denizen the use energy tap the same turn and bring more stuff out. build an armada in one turn.
Magic The Gathering Combo
morf egotist and turn himoverfor u. energy tap egotist for 8 mana. add uu to that 8 and cast time stretch for 2 extra turns.

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Make Your Own Card

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