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Chronicles was the twelfth Magic: The Gathering set, and the first compilation set, released in July 1995 by Wizards of the Coast.

Chronicles introduced no new cards; the set was designated as an extension of the Fourth Edition core set for the purpose of tournament play. Chronicles consists entirely of cards reprinted from the first four Magic: the Gathering expansions: Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and The Dark. The cards in Chronicles are white-bordered, in accordance with the Wizards of the Coast policy of the time that black-bordered cards would only be reprinted with white borders. In addition, the game text on many Chronicles cards was updated to reflect then-current rules, rulings, and templating. For example, Cyclone from Arabian Nights instructed players to place "chips" on the card to mark its status, while the Chronicles reprint of Cyclone used "counters" instead, as had become standard usage.

Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and The Dark quickly sold out in the hobby-gaming market, so both new and existing players had extremely limited access to cards from those sets at the time. Chronicles was printed to satisfy the market demand of players who had been unable to buy as much of the first four expansions as they wished, or who were new players and missed those expansions entirely. Wizards of the Coast's development team for Chronicles excluded powerful, abusive cards that were the frequent sources of player complaints, such as Mana Drain, The Abyss, Nether Void, Moat, and Maze of Ith, while including cards that they determined had a high "coolness factor" and would drive sales with the predominantly-casual player base for Magic at the time, such as the Elder Dragon Legends, The Wretched, Sol'Kanar the Swamp King, Dakkon Blackblade, and the three "Urza's Lands" from Antiquities. Tournament players added Chronicles reprints City of Brass, Erhnam Djinn, Recall, Divine Offering, Fountain of Youth, and Feldon's Cane to their decks at tournaments such as the first Pro Tour New York in February, 1996.

Wizards of the Coast released a similar set called Renaissance into German, French and Italian markets. The German and French versions of the black-bordered set are the same, and contained all the cards that rotated into 4th Edition from the first four expansion sets. This was due to company policy that stated that a card could not be reprinted in a white-bordered set without first appearing in a black-bordered set in that language. The Italian version of Renaissance (Rinascimento) had different cards, because Wizards of the Coast's licensee Stratelibri had already printed The Dark (L'Oscurito) and Legends (Leggende) in their entirety in Italian, and released them in that order, the opposite of the order of the original English versions. Rinascimento instead contained the cards rotated into 4th Edition from the Arabian Nights and Antiquities expansions, plus the cards reprinted in Chronicles from the Arabian Nights and Antiquities expansions.

Wizards of the Coast originally planned all foreign-language Chronicles sets to be black-bordered, except the Italian version, which would be white-bordered because every card in it had already been printed in Italian in a black-bordered set. However, Wizards of the Coast's licensee Hobby Japan ended up printing the only foreign-language Chronicles that was ever released, a Japanese printing with black borders.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbu Ja'far
Magic Card ImageActive Volcano
Magic Card ImageAkron Legionnaire
Magic Card ImageAladdin
Magic Card ImageAngelic Voices
Magic Card ImageArcades Sabboth
Magic Card ImageArena of the Ancients
Magic Card ImageArgothian Pixies
Magic Card ImageAshnod's Altar
Magic Card ImageAshnod's Transmogrant
Magic Card ImageAxelrod Gunnarson
Magic Card ImageAyesha Tanaka
Magic Card ImageAzure Drake
Magic Card ImageBanshee
Magic Card ImageBarl's Cage
Magic Card ImageBeasts of Bogardan
Magic Card ImageBlood Moon
Magic Card ImageBlood of the Martyr
Magic Card ImageBog Rats
Magic Card ImageBook of Rass
Magic Card ImageBoomerang
Magic Card ImageBronze Horse
Magic Card ImageCat Warriors
Magic Card ImageChromium
Magic Card ImageCity of Brass
Magic Card ImageCocoon
Magic Card ImageConcordant Crossroads
Magic Card ImageCraw Giant
Magic Card ImageCuombajj Witches
Magic Card ImageCyclone
Magic Card ImageD'Avenant Archer
Magic Card ImageDakkon Blackblade
Magic Card ImageDance of Many
Magic Card ImageDandân
Magic Card ImageDivine Offering
Magic Card ImageEmerald Dragonfly
Magic Card ImageEnchantment Alteration
Magic Card ImageErhnam Djinn
Magic Card ImageFallen Angel
Magic Card ImageFeldon's Cane
Magic Card ImageFire Drake
Magic Card ImageFishliver Oil
Magic Card ImageFlash Flood
Magic Card ImageFountain of Youth
Magic Card ImageGabriel Angelfire
Magic Card ImageGauntlets of Chaos
Magic Card ImageGhazban Ogre
Magic Card ImageGiant Slug
Magic Card ImageGoblin Artisans
Magic Card ImageGoblin Digging Team
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