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Magic The Gathering Cards Drawn By Eric Velhagen

Magic The Gathering Artist: Eric Velhagen

Magic the gathering artist Eric Velhagen has had their artwork appear in a total of 7 sets and made there magic debut with the Return to Ravnica edition in 2012, where their artwork appeared on 1 cards. Since that time Eric Velhagen has been responsible for artwork on approximately 7 cards.

Clicking on any of the cards below will open a full size version of that card so you can see Eric Velhagen's artwork better and in more detail.

Return to Ravnica cards by Eric Velhagen

Horncaller's Chant Magic Card Image

Gatecrash cards by Eric Velhagen

Assault Griffin Magic Card Image

Dragon's Maze cards by Eric Velhagen

Rubblebelt Maaka Magic Card Image

Magic 2014 cards by Eric Velhagen

Regathan Firecat Magic Card Image

Theros cards by Eric Velhagen

Sea God's Revenge Magic Card Image

Commander 2014 cards by Eric Velhagen

Volcanic Offering Magic Card Image

Magic Origins cards by Eric Velhagen

Blazing Hellhound Magic Card Image

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAssault Griffin
Magic Card ImageAssault Griffin - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlazing Hellhound
Magic Card ImageHorncaller's Chant
Magic Card ImageRegathan Firecat
Magic Card ImageRubblebelt Maaka
Magic Card ImageSea God's Revenge
Magic Card ImageVolcanic Offering

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