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Arabian Nights was the fourth Magic: The Gathering set and the first expert level expansion set, featuring completely new cards. Ali Baba, djinns, deserts, and King Suleiman joined the Magic world on the plane of Rabiah with cards inspired by the themes and characters of the Thousand and One Arabian Nights. The expansion symbol for Arabian Nights was a scimitar.

Richard Garfield, Magic creator, acted as the sole designer for the set, and developed it in parallel with other teams working on what would become Ice Age and Mirage. The set received input from Jim Lin, Chris Page, and Dave Pettey as well.[1] At that point in Magic's development, the role of expansions was relatively undefined, and Garfield intended for Arabian Nights cards to bear a purple and gold back[2] that would allow players to exclude Arabian Nights from their games. In his article, "The Making of Arabian Nights",[3] Garfield cites this as his inspiration to "be more adventurous in creating mechanics and themes".

Player response against the proposed new back caused Wizards of the Coast to stay with the original backs, allowing cards from various sets to be mixed freely in gameplay. To replace the new card back, a symbolic scimitar was added between the card artwork and card text, making the first expansion symbol; every expansion set since has displayed a unique one.

As with preceding sets, interesting errors were revealed when the set was released. One of them was the so-called "Arabian Mountain". When the decision was made to have the expansion sets fully playable with the basic set, Wizards of the Coast decided that there was no need to include basic land in the print run, so it was removed. However, the Mountain basic land card accidentally remained. Another error, this time in printing, caused two different styles of generic mana symbols to be printed on some cards. Some copies of these cards feature a regular sized generic mana symbol, other copies have one that is smaller and darker.

Even when separated from its place as Magic's first expansion, Arabian Nights was a groundbreaking set in terms of its impact on the game. In his article "It Happened One Nights", Mark Rosewater detailed the following innovations or expansions on Alpha mechanics:

  • Stealing opponent's card
  • Opponent activated abilities
  • Lands with abilities
  • Coin flips and random resolutions
  • Cumulative upkeep
  • Cantrips (cards that replace themselves in a player's hand)
  • Life Link
  • -1/-1 counters
  • Removed from game
  • Remove from combat

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbu Ja'far
Magic Card ImageAladdin
Magic Card ImageAladdin's Lamp
Magic Card ImageAladdin's Ring
Magic Card ImageAli Baba
Magic Card ImageAli from Cairo
Magic Card ImageArmy of Allah
Magic Card ImageBazaar of Baghdad
Magic Card ImageBird Maiden
Magic Card ImageBottle of Suleiman
Magic Card ImageBrass Man
Magic Card ImageCamel
Magic Card ImageCity in a Bottle
Magic Card ImageCity of Brass
Magic Card ImageCuombajj Witches
Magic Card ImageCyclone
Magic Card ImageDancing Scimitar
Magic Card ImageDandan
Magic Card ImageDesert
Magic Card ImageDesert Nomads
Magic Card ImageDesert Twister
Magic Card ImageDiamond Valley
Magic Card ImageDrop of Honey
Magic Card ImageEbony Horse
Magic Card ImageEl-Hajjaj
Magic Card ImageElephant Graveyard
Magic Card ImageErg Raiders
Magic Card ImageErhnam Djinn
Magic Card ImageEye for an Eye
Magic Card ImageFishliver Oil
Magic Card ImageFlying Carpet
Magic Card ImageFlying Men
Magic Card ImageGhazban Ogre
Magic Card ImageGiant Tortoise
Magic Card ImageGuardian Beast
Magic Card ImageHasran Ogress
Magic Card ImageHurr Jackal
Magic Card ImageIfh-Biff Efreet
Magic Card ImageIsland Fish Jasconius
Magic Card ImageIsland of Wak-Wak
Magic Card ImageJandor's Ring
Magic Card ImageJandor's Saddlebags
Magic Card ImageJeweled Bird
Magic Card ImageJihad
Magic Card ImageJunun Efreet
Magic Card ImageJuzam Djinn
Magic Card ImageKhabal Ghoul
Magic Card ImageKing Suleiman
Magic Card ImageKird Ape
Magic Card ImageLibrary of Alexandria
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