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Antiquities Magic The Gathering Cards

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Antiquities was the fifth Magic: The Gathering set and the second expert level expansion set. It was the first set to have an original backstory and explore the mythos of the Magic universe (see Magic: The Gathering storylines). The set was created by the group of students at the University of Pennsylvania that had helped Richard Garfield design the original game. The expansion symbol for Antiquities was an anvil.

Antiquities managed to solve many of the printing errors that had plagued previous sets, although the expansion symbol was omitted from Reconstruction. The only major problem noticed by players was the poor collation of the set; many booster boxes contained several packs with exactly the same cards in each, making it next-to-impossible for players in many parts of the country to collect complete sets. To correct this, Wizards of the Coast introduced a "buyback" program, allowing players to trade in their excess cards for money. This backfired on many players who took early advantage of it as Antiquities cards soon began rising in price on the secondary-sales market. In the UK at least, the 'buyback' was limited to the uncommon cards; however, it was possible to exchange these for cards from the previous Arabian Nights expansion too.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAmulet of Kroog
Magic Card ImageArgivian Archaeologist
Magic Card ImageArgivian Blacksmith
Magic Card ImageArgothian Pixies
Magic Card ImageArgothian Treefolk
Magic Card ImageArmageddon Clock
Magic Card ImageArtifact Blast
Magic Card ImageArtifact Possession
Magic Card ImageArtifact Ward
Magic Card ImageAshnod's Altar
Magic Card ImageAshnod's Battle Gear
Magic Card ImageAshnod's Transmogrant
Magic Card ImageAtog
Magic Card ImageBattering Ram
Magic Card ImageBronze Tablet
Magic Card ImageCandelabra of Tawnos
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Artifacts
Magic Card ImageCitanul Druid
Magic Card ImageClay Statue
Magic Card ImageClockwork Avian
Magic Card ImageColossus of Sardia
Magic Card ImageCoral Helm
Magic Card ImageCrumble
Magic Card ImageCursed Rack
Magic Card ImageDamping Field
Magic Card ImageDetonate
Magic Card ImageDrafna's Restoration
Magic Card ImageDragon Engine
Magic Card ImageDwarven Weaponsmith
Magic Card ImageEnergy Flux
Magic Card ImageFeldon's Cane
Magic Card ImageGaea's Avenger
Magic Card ImageGate to Phyrexia
Magic Card ImageGoblin Artisans
Magic Card ImageGolgothian Sylex
Magic Card ImageGrapeshot Catapult
Magic Card ImageHaunting Wind
Magic Card ImageHurkyl's Recall
Magic Card ImageIvory Tower
Magic Card ImageJalum Tome
Magic Card ImageMartyrs of Korlis
Magic Card ImageMightstone
Magic Card ImageMillstone
Magic Card ImageMishra's Factory
Magic Card ImageMishra's War Machine
Magic Card ImageMishra's Workshop
Magic Card ImageObelisk of Undoing
Magic Card ImageOnulet
Magic Card ImageOrcish Mechanics
Magic Card ImageOrnithopter
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