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Alliances Magic The Gathering Cards

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Alliances was the fourteenth Magic: The Gathering set and eighth expert level set, released in June 1996. It was released 8 months after Homelands, which is the longest gap between expansion sets in the history of the game. It is now the middle set in the Ice Age block since the July 2006 release of Coldsnap. Prior to the Coldsnap release it was the third and final set in the Ice Age block.

Although Alliances did not feature new keywords, it did introduce the alternate casting cost mechanic. This mechanic, printed in each of the five colors, allowed the player to cast spells without paying a mana cost. Alliances alternately allowed a player to remove a card of the same color as the spell from the game; thus, the first batch of alternate casting cost spells were also known as "pitch" spells, a player could "pitch" a card from hand to play the spell. Force of Will, for example, allowed a player to remove a blue card in hand from the game and pay 1 life instead of paying its 3UU casting cost. This pitch spell went on to become a popular tournament staple.

Alliances experimented with different levels of rarities of cards. It was also the only set besides Chronicles to be printed in 12 card packs, making it difficult to utilize in drafts with standard 15 card packs.

Alliances was the last set to feature multiple non-basic-land cards with more than one artistic conception, a feature begun in Fallen Empires as a way to add variety to the multiple copies of common cards that a typical player would collect. Many players complained that they were unable to identify certain cards by a single distinctive artwork. Wizards of the Coast rethought their policy and have since limited cards within a set to a single artist's representation, with four exceptions: The cards Skyship Weatherlight, Tahngarth, Talruum Hero and Ertai, The Corrupted, all from Planeshift expansion, as well as Brothers Yamazaki, from the Champions of Kamigawa expansion.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAesthir Glider
Magic Card ImageAgent of Stromgald
Magic Card ImageArcane Denial
Magic Card ImageAshnod's Cylix
Magic Card ImageAstrolabe
Magic Card ImageAwesome Presence
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Dead
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Horde
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Trading Post
Magic Card ImageBalduvian War-Makers
Magic Card ImageBenthic Explorers
Magic Card ImageBestial Fury
Magic Card ImageBounty of the Hunt
Magic Card ImageBrowse
Magic Card ImageBurnout
Magic Card ImageCarrier Pigeons
Magic Card ImageCasting of Bones
Magic Card ImageChaos Harlequin
Magic Card ImageContagion
Magic Card ImageDeadly Insect
Magic Card ImageDeath Spark
Magic Card ImageDiminishing Returns
Magic Card ImageDiseased Vermin
Magic Card ImageDystopia
Magic Card ImageElvish Bard
Magic Card ImageElvish Ranger
Magic Card ImageElvish Spirit Guide
Magic Card ImageEnergy Arc
Magic Card ImageEnslaved Scout
Magic Card ImageErrand of Duty
Magic Card ImageExile
Magic Card ImageFalse Demise
Magic Card ImageFatal Lore
Magic Card ImageFeast or Famine
Magic Card ImageFevered Strength
Magic Card ImageFloodwater Dam
Magic Card ImageForce of Will
Magic Card ImageForesight
Magic Card ImageFyndhorn Druid
Magic Card ImageGargantuan Gorilla
Magic Card ImageGift of the Woods
Magic Card ImageGorilla Berserkers
Magic Card ImageGorilla Chieftain
Magic Card ImageGorilla Shaman
Magic Card ImageGorilla War Cry
Magic Card ImageGuerrilla Tactics
Magic Card ImageGustha's Scepter
Magic Card ImageHail Storm
Magic Card ImageHeart of Yavimaya
Magic Card ImageHelm of Obedience
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