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Alara Reborn Magic The Gathering Cards

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Alara Reborn (codenamed Scissors) is a Magic: The Gathering expansion set, set to be released on April 30, 2009. It is set to include 145 cards. To take advantage of International Worker's Day/Labor Day in Europe, it is being released on a Thursday instead of the traditional Friday.

Alara Reborn will follow the new publishing standards set by Wizards of the Coast in Shards of Alara. That is, mythic rares will be included in one out of every eight packs. Intro packs will contain 41 cards and one booster pack, and will replace preconstructed theme decks. Its tagline is, "The birth of one world. The death of five."

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAnathemancer
Magic Card ImageArchitects of Will
Magic Card ImageArdent Plea
Magic Card ImageArsenal Thresher
Magic Card ImageAven Mimeomancer
Magic Card ImageBant Sojourners
Magic Card ImageBant Sureblade
Magic Card ImageBehemoth Sledge
Magic Card ImageBituminous Blast
Magic Card ImageBlitz Hellion
Magic Card ImageBloodbraid Elf
Magic Card ImageBrainbite
Magic Card ImageBreath of Malfegor
Magic Card ImageCaptured Sunlight
Magic Card ImageCerodon Yearling
Magic Card ImageCerodon Yearling - Foil
Magic Card ImageCloven Casting
Magic Card ImageCloven Casting - Foil
Magic Card ImageColossal Might
Magic Card ImageCrystallization
Magic Card ImageDauntless Escort
Magic Card ImageDeadshot Minotaur
Magic Card ImageDeathbringer Thoctar
Magic Card ImageDefiler of Souls
Magic Card ImageDemonic Dread
Magic Card ImageDemonspine Whip
Magic Card ImageDeny Reality
Magic Card ImageDouble Negative
Magic Card ImageDragon Appeasement
Magic Card ImageDragon Broodmother
Magic Card ImageDrastic Revelation
Magic Card ImageEnigma Sphinx
Magic Card ImageEnlisted Wurm
Magic Card ImageEsper Sojourners
Magic Card ImageEsper Stormblade
Magic Card ImageEthercaste Knight
Magic Card ImageEtherium Abomination
Magic Card ImageEthersworn Shieldmage
Magic Card ImageEtherwrought Page
Magic Card ImageFieldmist Borderpost
Magic Card ImageFight to the Death
Magic Card ImageFiligree Angel
Magic Card ImageFinest Hour
Magic Card ImageFirewild Borderpost
Magic Card ImageFlurry of Wings
Magic Card ImageGiant Ambush Beetle
Magic Card ImageGlassdust Hulk
Magic Card ImageGlory of Warfare
Magic Card ImageGloryscale Viashino
Magic Card ImageGodtracker of Jund
Magic Card ImageGodtracker of Jund - Foil
Magic Card ImageGorger Wurm
Magic Card ImageGrixis Grimblade
Magic Card ImageGrixis Grimblade - Foil
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