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Selesnya Sanctuary Magic Card
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Selesnya Sanctuary Magic The Gathering Card

Card Type: Land

Card Text: Selesnya Sanctuary comes into play tapped.
When Selesnya Sanctuary comes into play, return a land you control to its owner's hand.
: Add to your mana pool.

Flavor Text:

Artist(s): John Avon: (Commander, Commander 2013, Knights vs. Dragons, Modern Masters 2015, Planechase 2012, Ravnica)

Rarity: Common: (Commander, Commander 2013, Knights vs. Dragons, Planechase 2012, Ravnica), Uncommon: (Modern Masters 2015)

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Magic The Gathering Combos Utilizing Selesnya Sanctuary

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Magic The Gathering Decks Utilizing Selesnya Sanctuary

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Possible Invincibilty?
60 Cards
Value: $352.31
havent been able to actually build this deck and thus havent been able to playtest it... the theory as follows is simple.. survive via holy day until cho manno or stuffy doll has pariah.. (for more fun add spirit loop to Stuffy doll) use idyllic tutor to pull your hondens and Auramancies.. you will need 2 to ensure that they are not removed. also make sure u have a spirit loop on at least one true believer for that will protect from burn and other such while auramancy is in effect. bring elspeth out once you have the defensive force to protect her, then let her ultimate go after using her soldier building abilities. follow with planar cleansing to end the game.
Tri Death
69 Cards
Value: $44.15
Slow start but great deck for me
Counter Strategy
62 Cards
Value: $126.89
This deck is made to counter general artifact and enchantment strategies. its all made from cards ive gotten from booster packs from over the years so please cut me some slack seeing as ive never ordered any cards off of the internet.

Selesnya Sanctuary Set Specific Info

Selesnya Sanctuary has now been printed in a total of 6 magic the gathering sets.

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