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Genesis Wave Magic Card

Genesis Wave Magic The Gathering Card

Casting Cost:

Card Type: Sorcery

Card Text: Reveal the top X cards of your library. You may put any number of permanent cards with converted mana cost X or less from among them onto the battlefield. Then put all cards revealed this way that weren't put onto the battlefield into your graveyard.

Flavor Text:

Artist(s): James Paick: (Scars Of Mirrodin)

Rarity: Rare: (Scars Of Mirrodin)

Genesis Wave Mtg Card Availability

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Magic Card ImageGenesis Wave (Scars Of Mirrodin)

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Simic Glimmervoid
58 Cards
Value: $681.49
This is a deck idea that i came up with when i first saw the cards being released in Scars. so any and all feedback would be awesome. FYI- i might be getting a second Jace, and i will take out a Grand Architect for him.

Genesis Wave Set Specific Info

Genesis Wave was originally printed, and so far only exists in the Scars Of Mirrodin magic the gathering set.

EditionRarityCard #Artist
Scars Of MirrodinRare122James Paick

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