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Cruel Ultimatum Magic Card
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Cruel Ultimatum Magic The Gathering Card

Casting Cost:

Card Type: Sorcery

Card Text: Target opponent sacrifices a creature, discards three cards, then loses 5 life. You return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand, draw three cards, then gain 5 life.

Flavor Text: There is always a greater power.

Artist(s): Ralph Horsley: (Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas, Shards Of Alara), Todd Lockwood: (Commander 2013, From the Vault: Twenty)

Rarity: Rare: (Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas, Commander 2013, Shards Of Alara), Mythic Rare: (From the Vault: Twenty)

Cruel Ultimatum Mtg Card Availability

Magic The Gathering Combos Utilizing Cruel Ultimatum

We do not currently have any combos that utilize Cruel Ultimatum. If you have your own Cruel Ultimatum combo, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Combo to our site.

Magic The Gathering Decks Utilizing Cruel Ultimatum

There are currently 2 Cruel Ultimatum decks listed on our site. If you have your own deck that has Cruel Ultimatum in it, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Deck to our site.
Disruption On Grixis
57 Cards
Value: $143.32
Ive been debating on adding 1 more creature, but a 2 or 3 of. And I'm still wondering about my mana, such as if its the right set. It seems like it, but I was thinking of 4 of each basic land. And im not using anything but lorawyn land since its shifting.
Chaos In Full Color
49 Cards
Value: $41.59
This Deck is a 5-color experimental deck. All of the cards listed are in one large deck as opposed to a sideboard. It has several different strategies included with a few game-changing combos. There are 20 basic lands total consisting of at least 3 of each land. I find a new (good) combo everytime I use this deck.

Cruel Ultimatum Set Specific Info

Cruel Ultimatum has now been printed in a total of 4 magic the gathering sets.

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