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Aegis Angel Magic Card

Aegis Angel Magic The Gathering Card

Casting Cost:

Card Type: Creature - Angel

Card Text: Flying

When Aegis Angel enters the battlefield, another target permanent is indestructible for as long as you control Aegis Angel. (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy that permanent. An indestructible creature can't be destroyed by damage.)

Flavor Text:

Artist(s): Aleksi Briclot: (Magic 2012, Magic 2015, Magic Origins)

Power/Tough: 5/5

Rarity: Rare: (Magic 2012, Magic 2015, Magic Origins)

Aegis Angel Mtg Card Availability

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Magic Card ImageAegis Angel (Magic 2012)
Magic Card ImageAegis Angel (Magic 2015)
Magic Card ImageAegis Angel (Magic Origins)

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Angel Deck
60 Cards
Value: $368.62
Just a deck i play with at friend\'s house with everyone. Dont have any type of deck rules or anything. Hence, the sideboard is for a friend that plays black, anti-angel deck he made specifically for me. If anyone has any way i can make the main deck better let me know. Thanks.

Aegis Angel Set Specific Info

Aegis Angel has now been printed in a total of 3 magic the gathering sets.

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