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Magic The Gathering Card Conditions

Mint/Near Mint (M/NM) - This (probably) unplayed card shows almost no wear and may have a few minor scratches or slight marks on the card's edges.
Almost Near Mint (F1) - The wear, while not noticable, is present when one looks for it. The card tends to have more than a few slight dings on the back of the card, but those that are there barely detract from the card.
Slightly Played (F2) - This card has been played. The card tends to have some dings on the back of the card which detract from the look of the card.
Played (F3) - This card has obviously been played, but not heavily. It lacks marks that would make it easily identifiable. It definately has some minor scratches and/or less than perfect edges. It may have a minor crease that sis only visable close up.
Heavily Played (F4) - This card has obviously been played, and sports wear that would make it identifiable in most decks. Use of this card in a deck would most likely require the use of sleves with an image or colored backing.
Damaged (F5) - This card has wear that is not assiciated with normal use. The card may have an obvious crese, rip, torn edge, or be written on.

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