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Decks Containing Pandemonium

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60 Cards
Value: $55.30
i have made this deck to destroy an opponent in about 5-6 turns, using very cheap direct damage with suicidal creatures that are excellent candidates for a goblin grenade or bombardment. all you have to do is ignore their creatures and do all of the damage to them, and they will win before they can mount a defense.
56 Cards
Value: $26.92
Super-Speed Red
60 Cards
Value: $65.38
This deck is a lot of fun to play. Any help would be appreciated. For those of you who haven't guessed, it's based on getting pandemonium and attacking with big creatures like ball lightning and thundermare. without the pandemonium, the gauntlet of might / rolling thunder combo provides another way to win.
"Black Jack" V2.0
60 Cards
Value: $3558.32
here is what i was going to make the deck into, but now that replenish is banned from extended im not going to but the $250 into it that is was going to but my first black jack deck posted earlier was a blast to play with and im sure this one would be even funner. I played alot of good deck types , i went undefeated by a good nightmare-survival that cost alot of money and the only time i lost to was a rebel deck only becau
"Black Jack"
60 Cards
Value: $1301.96
just built it still working on the side board. im thinking about puting in ancient tomb just for the possible third turn kill. intuition would also be nice any suggestions would be nice (im not going to add black)
Fires Of Yavimaya
60 Cards
Value: $48.22
use pandemonium to hit hard when u bring out the burst or a 'derm, use the reckless abandons and dragon masks to deal damage before your faders die and overrun when u can afford it. i put the shivan in just for kicks
Elite Championship Deck (E.C.D)
45 Cards
Value: $568.36
Millions of combo\'s all rolled into one \"Elite\" Deck!!!
Pan Demon Deck
60 Cards
Value: $134.72
It took some tuning, but this deck is awesome. You will rarely have a match last long enough to get out the full combo because how some of the smaller parts deal so much damage so quickly. lifeline/pandemonium will fuck them up; as will aluren/pandemonium.
60 Cards
Value: $2006.42
4th turn combo deck its extended, and for further referance im a DCI lv1 all decks posted are tournament legal....
65 Cards
Value: $3350.90
kill one shot fatality attack
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