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Decks Containing Icy-Manipulator

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Mono Black Control N Strike (type I)
60 Cards
Value: $118.38
60 Cards
Value: $333.82
dramleash...i love it!!
Overtake{ Over Takes Creatures, Game, Everything
84 Cards
Value: $418.30
i just thought up this deck a little while ago. there is too many cards and i need to shorten it. it uses icy manipulator and winter orb just like a prison deck, and makes the opponet have no lands, while tapping whatever he has untapped and using static orb to keep them from untapping whate
Blue Power Pack
60 Cards
Value: $335.19
the deck is best for 3+ players :>
Shadow Assassin Deck Improved
65 Cards
Value: $49.89
Land Destruction
61 Cards
Value: $210.97
i kills there land
Kill All
80 Cards
Value: $41.83
So, You Want To Win!!!
60 Cards
Value: $346.28
i've played with this deck quite a number of times, 69 to be exact all in tournaments, and this deck only lost once, it lost to a cheap blue black lotus/academy/stroke of genius deck. also this deck won me 6 tournaments.
Ma121alpha's B&b Deck!!!
60 Cards
Value: $536.40
this deck was made for one purpose, to win!!!
Jakobian's Artifact Deck!
75 Cards
Value: $325.84
this deck uses the lockdown combo of grafted skullcap/ensnaring bridge, then hits with permanent damage (aladdins ring and cursed scroll) or use massive amounts of mana to make an "animated artifact army" and draw power so u can attack with it...
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