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Poor Man's (good) Deck
60 Cards
Value: $37.69
Sliver Plague
59 Cards
Value: $124.67
Gold Beatdown
49 Cards
Value: $24.66
This deck id s ment to overwhelm your oponent into submition with fast, and mana efficient creatures that don't give mercy! At the same time increasing your life total with Armadillo Cloaks, while pumping up your creatutres while at the same time preventing yuor opponent from targeting you with Ivory Mask.
Dillo Cloak Deck---------Help Me Make Improvements
61 Cards
Value: $30.33
Play this deck to gain life, get big creatures, get fast mana,get Enchantment destroyng and most of all win
Slivers, Read This Ray&dustin
60 Cards
Value: $31.55
sorry i got p.o'd at you, but if you are going to comment on people's
Green Beat Yo Ass Down!
60 Cards
Value: $61.76
This is a good deck of mine that has one a couple of tournaments. Hey Galahad! I'm not taking sides or anything but I think Ray and Dustin are right. Think about some of the bullshit decks on this site and think about what he is saying. I don't think he is trying to be a prick, he's simply stating a fact.
The Almost Sucide Deck
92 Cards
Value: $42.14
this deck might be a little hard to make but is pretty good.Combo attack then use a hurrican.
88 Cards
Value: $234.11
Well what u do is totally dominate the game by destroying everything and dealing damage relnetlasly but u live with tons of life gain it totally kicks ass! It may be big but it gets the job done well!
Fastest Deck Of All
58 Cards
Value: $68.10
This deck has a great mana source. if u use priest of titania and citanual hierophants.
3 Color Stall Deck
66 Cards
Value: $221.58
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