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Decks Containing Ascendant-Evincar

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Insatiable Zombie Horde
70 Cards
Value: $80.45
this deck is mostly zombies, except for lord of the undead and ascendant evincar. conspiracies make lords of the undead into zombies so they also get +1/+1, and they also bypass the legend rule, so more than one ascendant evincar can be played. death pit offering and coat of arms are thrown in there along with the lord of the undead and ascendant evincar to pump the creatures up into unstoppable behemoths!
Black Deck
60 Cards
Value: $19.97
you use drudge and putrids to stall then get enough mana to play the big creatures to over whelm your oponent. i especially like commander or a combo of your creatures with evincar to wipe them out.
Recurring Nightmares
59 Cards
Value: $89.64
Super Black
54 Cards
Value: $47.04
use pleague rats or festering evil (with ascendant evincar in play)and kill opponants creatures with fatal blow!
59 Cards
Value: $217.00
use the jester's caps to get ride of the cards in his or her deck thats going to be problems... lol duh! this deck is very good i use it all the time and win all the time. unless u use this deck against a deck made to win against this deck....
Black Deck
60 Cards
Value: $687.87
put out conspiracy and chose mercenary then put out cateran overlord and search for your creatures and kill youre oponent
Volrath's Stronghold
58 Cards
Value: $662.72
i messed up on the first stronghold deck
60 Cards
Value: $210.85
take names and kick ass.
Black&blue Killer Suggestions Please
77 Cards
Value: $98.11
61 Cards
Value: $17.89
Straight forward Black control deck. To get your Evincar out 2nd turn do as follows: play a swamp, tap it and play a dark ritual. 1st play 3 blood pets. 2nd tap swamp to play another dark ritual, and sac the pets for 6 mana and bam he's back!!! Greel is put in to make opponent discard hand. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE (:>
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