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40 Cards
Value: $24.96
Shards Of Destruction
65 Cards
Value: $256.58
This is a multi-player casual deck, It has done really well on 1v1\'s as well but was built to hold down an entire 8 person multi-player game. The deck gets mana fairly fast to get your set up as quickly as possible and every card works well with the other cards. Erratic portal + Mystic snakes + Seedborn muse will basically let you counter whatever you want, Aura Shards + Enchanted evening with the ability to get lots of token creatures with Meloku + Emeria Angel + Walking Atlas allow you to get rid of anything you want (as long as it\'s not a creature with hexproof), The 3 Opposistion is a great defensive card with all those token creatures, The mentor of the meek is just a good way to draw some cards and the Hanna, Ship\'s navigator is there to help keep your enchantments and artifacts on the board. You can make the token creatures infinite by just throwing in an Intruder Alarm but the deck works well without the ability to go infinite.
Creature Blaze
75 Cards
Value: $115.83
I know its bigger than ninety, but this ensures a little variety when I play as well as a buffer against mill decks, which I play often.
66 Cards
Value: $221.30
Sliver Assault
37 Cards
Value: $77.52
not enough room in main decklist, sideboard considered part of main deck. Include: Vivid Grove x2 Selensya Sanctuary x2 Seaside Citadel x1 Rupture spire x2 Ancient Ziggurat x2 Terramorphic Expanse x1 Boros Garrison x1 Vivid Creek x2
Bolas Brainwashing
25 Cards
Value: $42.68
not enough room in main decklist, sideboard considered part of main deck
58 Cards
Value: $32.26
The cards in \"sideboard\" are actually in my deck, trying to figure out a way to get my deck down closer to 60, i believe it\'s at about 68 right now
Mana Power House
60 Cards
Value: $107.27
Get out a couple myr \"mana makers\" followed by a myr superion. End the game with that or stall until you can get one of the massive cards out.
Crowd Control
40 Cards
Value: $10.04
got a sideboard too but was too lazy to list, the idea is a cheap deck with no rares that can still bully. i would welcome any suggestions whether it pertains to the original idea or not.
Ajanis Wrath
37 Cards
Value: $20.64
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