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Torment Magic The Gathering Cards

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Torment is the second set in the Odyssey Block for the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. This expansion set, which focused on black, is unique in that it is the first set to focus on a single color. It has 40 Black cards, 28 Blue cards, 28 Red cards, 21 Green Cards and 21 White cards. This imbalance is, however, balanced by the release of the third expansion set in the Odyssey Block, Judgment.

Torment continued the Flashback and Threshold mechanics began in Odyssey and introduced Madness.

  • Madness - When a card with Madness is discarded, it can usually be played at a reduced cost. Torment sports 10 Madness cards, a common and an uncommon for each of the five colors.

The "black corruption" theme of Torment spreads beyond sheer numbers of cards. Here are more examples of card cycles that represent black's influences:
  • Swamp Rewards - Like the popular Nightmare, these are a handful of cards that greatly reward players that control many swamps, including Mutilate, Mind Sludge, and Cabal Coffers.
  • Tainted Lands - A cycle of lands that represent locations that have been "tainted" by black magic. Tainted Peak, Tainted Field, Tainted Isle, and Tainted Wood.% 26nbsp;
  • Greedy Flashback - A cycle of cards that all cost 4 mana (one mana of a corresponding color and three generic mana) and the flashback cost was only 2 mana, but required you to pay 3 life additionally) Deep Analysis, Spirit Flare, Acorn Harvest.% 26nbsp;
  • Possessed Creatures - A rare cycle of creatures that begin as seemingly ordinary creatures of their color, but upon achieving Threshold, they become black and corrupted and turn on their former color. Possessed Nomad, Possessed Centaur, Possessed Aven, Possessed Barbarian. It is interesting to note the shadow/reflection of the creatures in the cards' pictures, which reveal their true inner 'possessed' state'.% 26nbsp;
  • Nightmares - black and red creatures that remove something of the opponent's from the game when they come into play and return it when they leave play. For example, Faceless Butcher removes a creature, Hypnox removes their hand, Petravark removes a land, and Soul Scourge removes 3 life.
Torment's release marked a tremendous power boost to the color black. The "Swamp Rewards" cards along with Chainer's Edict and Nantuko Shade were incredibly potent in tournament play, spawning the MonoBlack Control archetype (or the more appropriately named Coffers Control) that could destroy its opponent's creatures, hand, and life total with large Cabal Coffers-fueled spells. Previously, control decks were almost synonymous with blue counter-based control decks, but after Torment it was no longer a fact that a control deck was unviable without countermagic.

Relative to other mechanics at the time, Torment's Madness mechanic proved to be overpowered, most notably on Circular Logic, Basking Rootwalla, and Arrogant Wurm. This gave rise to U/G Madness (pronounced "Blue-Green Madness"), an Aggro-Control archetype fundamentally built on Wild Mongrel and Aquamoeba as discard outlets to utilize the Madness, Flashback, and Threshold mechanics of Odyssey Block. U/G Madness is notable for being format-dominating, inexpensive to build, easy to play, and almost exclusively utilizing Odyssey Block cards. U/G Madness and Coffers Control are good examples of the player-perceived criticism that "R% 26amp;D is making our decks for us.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAccelerate
Magic Card ImageAcorn Harvest
Magic Card ImageAlter Reality
Magic Card ImageAmbassador Laquatus
Magic Card ImageAngel of Retribution
Magic Card ImageAnurid Scavenger
Magic Card ImageAquamoeba
Magic Card ImageArrogant Wurm
Magic Card ImageAven Trooper
Magic Card ImageBalshan Collaborator
Magic Card ImageBalshan Collaborator - Foil
Magic Card ImageBalthor the Stout
Magic Card ImageBarbarian Outcast
Magic Card ImageBasking Rootwalla
Magic Card ImageBoneshard Slasher
Magic Card ImageBreakthrough
Magic Card ImageCabal Coffers
Magic Card ImageCabal Ritual
Magic Card ImageCabal Surgeon
Magic Card ImageCabal Surgeon - Foil
Magic Card ImageCabal Torturer
Magic Card ImageCarrion Rats
Magic Card ImageCarrion Wurm
Magic Card ImageCentaur Chieftain
Magic Card ImageCentaur Chieftain - Foil
Magic Card ImageCentaur Veteran
Magic Card ImageCentaur Veteran - Foil
Magic Card ImageCephalid Aristocrat
Magic Card ImageCephalid Aristocrat - Foil
Magic Card ImageCephalid Illusionist
Magic Card ImageCephalid Sage
Magic Card ImageCephalid Snitch
Magic Card ImageCephalid Vandal
Magic Card ImageChainer's Edict
Magic Card ImageChainer, Dementia Master
Magic Card ImageChurning Eddy
Magic Card ImageCircular Logic
Magic Card ImageCleansing Meditation
Magic Card ImageCompulsion
Magic Card ImageCoral Net
Magic Card ImageCoral Net - Foil
Magic Card ImageCrackling Club
Magic Card ImageCrazed Firecat
Magic Card ImageCrippling Fatigue
Magic Card ImageDawn of the Dead
Magic Card ImageDeep Analysis
Magic Card ImageDevastating Dreams
Magic Card ImageDwell on the Past
Magic Card ImageEnslaved Dwarf
Magic Card ImageEnslaved Dwarf - Foil
Magic Card ImageEqual Treatment
Magic Card ImageEqual Treatment - Foil
Magic Card ImageFaceless Butcher
Magic Card ImageFalse Memories
Magic Card ImageFar Wanderings
Magic Card ImageFiery Temper
Magic Card ImageFlaming Gambit
Magic Card ImageFlaming Gambit - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlash of Defiance
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