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Starter 2000 Magic The Gathering Cards

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Starter 2000 was a limited run small theme deck only expansion set released for Magic: The Gathering on April 24, 2000. The set would be the fifth and last "Starter Level" standalone set to see production.

The set was very unusual in that it contained identical reprints of 6th edition cards, while other cards in the set were essentially reprints of Starter 1999 cards, without an expansion symbol.

Like other Starter level products, the set contained bare vanilla creatures, simple sorceries, and basic lands.

Starter 2000 was only released in a series of theme decks, and has become very hard to find due to its limited print run and sales. Each theme deck shipped with a CD-ROM that gave new players step by step instruction to learn the game of Magic, using the cards that they unpacked as a guide. The Theme decks also contained limited edition promo foil cards from Nemesis.

The next release of the Starter product line was included under the 7th Edition banner, known as 7th Edition Starter, and would contain similar theme decks.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAngelic Blessing
Magic Card ImageArmored Pegasus
Magic Card ImageBog Imp
Magic Card ImageBreath of Life
Magic Card ImageCoercion
Magic Card ImageCounterspell
Magic Card ImageDisenchant
Magic Card ImageDrudge Skeletons
Magic Card ImageDurkwood Boars
Magic Card ImageEager Cadet
Magic Card ImageFlame Spirit
Magic Card ImageFlight
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageGiant Growth
Magic Card ImageGiant Octopus
Magic Card ImageGoblin Hero
Magic Card ImageHand of Death
Magic Card ImageHero's Resolve
Magic Card ImageInspiration
Magic Card ImageIsland
Magic Card ImageKnight Errant
Magic Card ImageLava Axe
Magic Card ImageLlanowar Elves
Magic Card ImageMerfolk of the Pearl Trident
Magic Card ImageMons's Goblin Raiders
Magic Card ImageMonstrous Growth
Magic Card ImageMoon Sprite
Magic Card ImageMountain
Magic Card ImageObsianus Golem
Magic Card ImageOgre Warrior
Magic Card ImageOrcish Oriflamme
Magic Card ImagePlains
Magic Card ImageProdigal Sorcerer
Magic Card ImagePython
Magic Card ImageRod of Ruin
Magic Card ImageRoyal Falcon
Magic Card ImageSamite Healer
Magic Card ImageScathe Zombies
Magic Card ImageSea Eagle
Magic Card ImageShock
Magic Card ImageSoul Net
Magic Card ImageSpined Wurm
Magic Card ImageStone Rain
Magic Card ImageSwamp
Magic Card ImageTerror
Magic Card ImageTime Ebb
Magic Card ImageTrained Orgg
Magic Card ImageVenerable Monk
Magic Card ImageVizzerdrix
Magic Card ImageWild Griffin
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