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Starter 1999 Magic The Gathering Cards

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Starter is the name of the Magic: The Gathering beginners set which came out on August 27, 1999. The set contains 173 cards. The set became known as Starter 1999 after the release of Starter 2000, and is the fourth starter level set.

After three sets in the Portal Block, Starter was Wizards of the Coast's fourth major attempt at a "Starter Level" set that new players could come into the game and understand.

Most of its cards were reprints of cards already available (many of them from the Portal-sets). But it also contained 26 new cards, created just for the release. Starter cards were available in a fixed-deck game, randomized boosters and 5 preconstructed decks (one for each color).

The starter game came with two decks, two playmats, a step-by-step play guide, and a simplified version of the Magic: The Gathering rule-book. The starter-game contained eight cards which weren't available in the boosters.

Starter ended up causing confusion, because up until the set's release, Tournament decks were known as "Starters".

Starter had a short print run, and has become very difficult to find. It was replaced with Starter 2000 less than a year later.

No new mechanics were introduced with Starter. It left out elements unnecessary for basic gameplay, such as artifacts, instants, and complicated abilities.

Wizards of the coast attempted to market Starter by providing a guru program to experienced players to help new players start the game, the guru program awarded players with redeemable coupons for booster packs and a special collectable set of "Guru Lands".
Starter 2000 April 24, 2000

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbyssal Horror
Magic Card ImageAir Elemental
Magic Card ImageAlluring Scent
Magic Card ImageAncient Craving
Magic Card ImageAngel of Light
Magic Card ImageAngel of Mercy
Magic Card ImageAngelic Blessing
Magic Card ImageArchangel
Magic Card ImageArdent Militia
Magic Card ImageArmageddon
Magic Card ImageBarbtooth Wurm
Magic Card ImageBargain
Magic Card ImageBlinding Light
Magic Card ImageBog Imp
Magic Card ImageBog Raiders
Magic Card ImageBog Wraith
Magic Card ImageBorder Guard
Magic Card ImageBreath of Life
Magic Card ImageBull Hippo
Magic Card ImageChampion Lancer
Magic Card ImageCharging Paladin
Magic Card ImageChorus of Woe
Magic Card ImageCinder Storm
Magic Card ImageCoercion
Magic Card ImageCoral Eel
Magic Card ImageCounterspell
Magic Card ImageDakmor Ghoul
Magic Card ImageDakmor Lancer
Magic Card ImageDakmor Plague
Magic Card ImageDakmor Scorpion
Magic Card ImageDakmor Sorceress
Magic Card ImageDark Offering
Magic Card ImageDenizen of the Deep
Magic Card ImageDevastation
Magic Card ImageDevoted Hero
Magic Card ImageDevout Monk
Magic Card ImageDread Reaper
Magic Card ImageDurkwood Boars
Magic Card ImageEager Cadet
Magic Card ImageEarth Elemental
Magic Card ImageExhaustion
Magic Card ImageExtinguish
Magic Card ImageEye Spy
Magic Card ImageFalse Peace
Magic Card ImageFeral Shadow
Magic Card ImageFire Elemental
Magic Card ImageFire Tempest
Magic Card ImageFoot Soldiers
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageGerrard's Wisdom
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