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Portal Three Kingdoms Magic The Gathering Cards

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Portal Three Kingdoms is the third Magic: The Gathering expansion of the Portal block, and the third starter level set. Like the other expansions in the Portal block, Portal: Three Kingdoms is designed for beginners to Magic. The setting is heavily based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Each card, including each basic land, was illustrated by a Chinese artist.

Portal Three Kingdoms was released mainly in Asia-Pacific markets. These cards were printed in Japanese, S-Chinese, and T-Chinese. A very short English printing run was done, but these versions of the cards were released primarily in Australia and New Zealand and are relatively difficult to find.

As of October 20, 2005, all cards in the Portal block are legal in Vintage and Legacy tournaments.

Allowing this set to be played in Vintage had the effect of making Imperial Seal an extremely valuable card. Its value now often exceeds 150USD.

Portal Three Kingdoms is the only starter level set to introduce a new keyword ability into the game. Horsemanship has become an obscure ability due to the limited production and geographical release of the set.

Horsemanship is an evasion ability that works like flying in that creatures with horsemanship can be blocked only by creatures with horsemanship. Creatures with horsemanship can block creatures without horsemanship as well, but not be blocked by creatures with flying, likewise Horsemanship creatures can not block flying creatures. As such, these creatures are effectively 'unblockable' by almost all other creatures. However, like all other Portal sets, Three Kingdoms can only be used in Vintage and Legacy formats where many decks function with limited or no creature base.

A past controversy existed over horsemanship, when the set became tournament legal, there were some who thought that cards with the horsemanship ability should be errata to have flying instead. Wizards initially considered making this change but decided against it, stating that the creatures with horsemanship are rare and not aggressive enough to make an impact on vintage formats. Wizards has also stated that it will be unlikely that horsemanship will return on new cards in the future.

With the release of Time Spiral, Wizards recently returned a vast number of older pre-8th Edition keyword abilities and mechanics; horsemanship was not among the mechanics that returned.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAlert Shu Infantry
Magic Card ImageAmbition's Cost
Magic Card ImageBalance of Power
Magic Card ImageBarbarian General
Magic Card ImageBarbarian Horde
Magic Card ImageBlaze
Magic Card ImageBorrowing 100,000 Arrows
Magic Card ImageBorrowing the East Wind
Magic Card ImageBrilliant Plan
Magic Card ImageBroken Dam
Magic Card ImageBurning Fields
Magic Card ImageBurning of Xinye
Magic Card ImageCao Cao, Lord of Wei
Magic Card ImageCao Ren, Wei Commander
Magic Card ImageCapture of Jingzhou
Magic Card ImageChampion's Victory
Magic Card ImageCoercion
Magic Card ImageControl of the Court
Magic Card ImageCorrupt Court Official
Magic Card ImageCorrupt Eunuchs
Magic Card ImageCouncil of Advisors
Magic Card ImageCounterintelligence
Magic Card ImageCunning Advisor
Magic Card ImageDeception
Magic Card ImageDesert Sandstorm
Magic Card ImageDesperate Charge
Magic Card ImageDiaochan, Artful Beauty
Magic Card ImageDong Zhou, the Tyrant
Magic Card ImageEightfold Maze
Magic Card ImageEmpty City Ruse
Magic Card ImageEunuchs' Intrigues
Magic Card ImageExhaustion
Magic Card ImageExtinguish
Magic Card ImageFalse Defeat
Magic Card ImageFalse Mourning
Magic Card ImageFamine
Magic Card ImageFire Ambush
Magic Card ImageFire Bowman
Magic Card ImageFlanking Troops
Magic Card ImageForced Retreat
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageForest Bear
Magic Card ImageGhostly Visit
Magic Card ImageGuan Yu's 1,000-Li March
Magic Card ImageGuan Yu, Sainted Warrior
Magic Card ImageHeavy Fog
Magic Card ImageHua Tuo, Honored Physician
Magic Card ImageHuang Zhong, Shu General
Magic Card ImageHunting Cheetah
Magic Card ImageImperial Edict
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