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Nemesis Magic The Gathering Cards

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Nemesis is the second set in the Mercadian Masques block of cards of Magic: The Gathering, along with the expansions Mercadian Masques and Prophecy. Its expansion symbol is an Axe.

Nemesis had a fair share of cards appear in well-placing tournament decks. Many of the cards with Fading were quite powerful; the cards Parallax Wave, Parallax Tide, Blastoderm, Saproling Burst, and Tangle Wire all appeared in decks in various formats.

Nemesis utilized the fading mechanic:

Fading - As a card with fading comes into play, its controller puts a number of fade counters on it (as specified on the card). At the beginning of its controller's upkeep, that player would remove one counter, unless there were no counters to remove, in which case the card is sacrificed. Cards with fading (e.g., Blastoderm) would normally be considered over-powered without the addition of the ability, and forced the player to use the cards hastily, thus lending fading naturally to large creature.

In Nemesis, new Rebels & Mercenaries were added to the Mercadian Masques repertoire, such as Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero, which dominated a block constructed Pro Tour before it was banned.

The Seals were a cycle of enchantments that reproduced the effect of instant with that same mana cost, but laid in play ready to trigger. Two of them (Seal of Fire, Seal of Doom) were later reprinted in Dissension.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAccumulated Knowledge
Magic Card ImageAEther Barrier
Magic Card ImageAir Bladder
Magic Card ImageAir Bladder - Foil
Magic Card ImageAncient Hydra
Magic Card ImageAncient Hydra - Foil
Magic Card ImageAngelic Favor
Magic Card ImageAnimate Land
Magic Card ImageArc Mage
Magic Card ImageAscendant Evincar
Magic Card ImageAvenger en-Dal
Magic Card ImageAvenger en-Dal - Foil
Magic Card ImageBattlefield Percher
Magic Card ImageBelbe's Armor
Magic Card ImageBelbe's Percher
Magic Card ImageBelbe's Percher - Foil
Magic Card ImageBelbe's Portal
Magic Card ImageBlastoderm
Magic Card ImageBlinding Angel
Magic Card ImageBola Warrior
Magic Card ImageCarrion Wall
Magic Card ImageChieftain en-Dal
Magic Card ImageChieftain en-Dal - Foil
Magic Card ImageCloudskate
Magic Card ImageCloudskate - Foil
Magic Card ImageCoiling Woodworm
Magic Card ImageComplex Automaton
Magic Card ImageDark Triumph
Magic Card ImageDark Triumph - Foil
Magic Card ImageDaze
Magic Card ImageDeath Pit Offering
Magic Card ImageDefender en-Vec
Magic Card ImageDefender en-Vec - Foil
Magic Card ImageDefiant Falcon
Magic Card ImageDefiant Vanguard
Magic Card ImageDivining Witch
Magic Card ImageDominate
Magic Card ImageDownhill Charge
Magic Card ImageEnsnare
Magic Card ImageEye of Yawgmoth
Magic Card ImageFanatical Devotion
Magic Card ImageFlame Rift
Magic Card ImageFlint Golem
Magic Card ImageFlint Golem - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Armor
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Crusher
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Crusher - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Overseer
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Slide
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Strike
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Strike - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Surge
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Surge - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Thopter
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Thopter - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Wall
Magic Card ImageFog Patch
Magic Card ImageHarvest Mage
Magic Card ImageHarvest Mage - Foil
Magic Card ImageInfiltrate
Magic Card ImageJolting Merfolk
Magic Card ImageJolting Merfolk - Foil
Magic Card ImageKill Switch
Magic Card ImageKor Haven
Magic Card ImageLaccolith Grunt
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