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Mercadian Masques Magic The Gathering Cards

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Mercadian Masques is the 18th expert level set, and the first set in the Masques block of cards of Magic: The Gathering, along with the expansions Nemesis and Prophecy. Its expansion symbol is a mask. It is largely considered to be one of the most underpowered blocks ever, designed that way in order to balance out the huge power of the Urza's block. In recent history, the true power of some Masques cards has become evident in competitive Vintage play, such as Gush and Misdirection. Foil Japanese versions of these cards often sell for considerable amounts of money at events such as Gencon.

Several cards have Alternative Play Costs, in which the caster may play the spell in a way that doesn't involve a mana cost.

Spellshapers are a class of creatures that have a mana and discard cost to play useful abilities. These abilities typically resemble popular instants and sorceries. With a spellshaper, a player can pitch useless cards in order to Disenchant or Stone Rain turn after turn.

The Rebel and Mercenary creatures have the ability to allow you to search your library for a creature with that type and a certain mana cost, and put it directly into play.

The enmity spells were overcosted cards that you could play for free if an opponent were playing with an enemy color.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAerial Caravan
Magic Card ImageAfterlife
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Wall
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Wall - Foil
Magic Card ImageAlley Grifters
Magic Card ImageAncestral Mask
Magic Card ImageAncestral Mask - Foil
Magic Card ImageArmistice
Magic Card ImageArms Dealer
Magic Card ImageArrest
Magic Card ImageAssembly Hall
Magic Card ImageBallista Squad
Magic Card ImageBalloon Peddler
Magic Card ImageBalloon Peddler - Foil
Magic Card ImageBarbed Wire
Magic Card ImageBarbed Wire - Foil
Magic Card ImageBargaining Table
Magic Card ImageBargaining Table - Foil
Magic Card ImageBattle Rampart
Magic Card ImageBattle Rampart - Foil
Magic Card ImageBattle Squadron
Magic Card ImageBifurcate
Magic Card ImageBlack Market
Magic Card ImageBlaster Mage
Magic Card ImageBlaster Mage - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlockade Runner
Magic Card ImageBlockade Runner - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlood Hound
Magic Card ImageBlood Oath
Magic Card ImageBoa Constrictor
Magic Card ImageBoa Constrictor - Foil
Magic Card ImageBog Smugglers
Magic Card ImageBog Smugglers - Foil
Magic Card ImageBog Witch
Magic Card ImageBrainstorm
Magic Card ImageBrawl
Magic Card ImageBriar Patch
Magic Card ImageBribery
Magic Card ImageBuoyancy
Magic Card ImageBuoyancy - Foil
Magic Card ImageCackling Witch
Magic Card ImageCaller of the Hunt
Magic Card ImageCaller of the Hunt - Foil
Magic Card ImageCateran Brute
Magic Card ImageCateran Brute - Foil
Magic Card ImageCateran Enforcer
Magic Card ImageCateran Enforcer - Foil
Magic Card ImageCateran Kidnappers
Magic Card ImageCateran Overlord
Magic Card ImageCateran Persuader
Magic Card ImageCateran Persuader - Foil
Magic Card ImageCateran Slaver
Magic Card ImageCateran Slaver - Foil
Magic Card ImageCateran Summons
Magic Card ImageCaustic Wasps
Magic Card ImageCaustic Wasps - Foil
Magic Card ImageCave Sense
Magic Card ImageCave Sense - Foil
Magic Card ImageCave-In
Magic Card ImageCavern Crawler
Magic Card ImageCavern Crawler - Foil
Magic Card ImageCeremonial Guard
Magic Card ImageCeremonial Guard - Foil
Magic Card ImageChambered Nautilus
Magic Card ImageChambered Nautilus - Foil
Magic Card ImageChameleon Spirit
Magic Card ImageCharisma
Magic Card ImageCharm Peddler
Magic Card ImageCharm Peddler - Foil
Magic Card ImageCharmed Griffin
Magic Card ImageCharmed Griffin - Foil
Magic Card ImageCho-Arrim Alchemist
Magic Card ImageCho-Arrim Bruiser
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