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Khans of Tarkir MtG Cards Starting With W

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageWar Behemoth
Magic Card ImageWar-Name Aspirant
Magic Card ImageWarden of the Eye
Magic Card ImageWatcher of the Roost
Magic Card ImageWaterwhirl
Magic Card ImageWeave Fate
Magic Card ImageWetland Sambar
Magic Card ImageWhirlwind Adept
Magic Card ImageWind-Scarred Crag
Magic Card ImageWindstorm
Magic Card ImageWindswept Heath
Magic Card ImageWingmate Roc
Magic Card ImageWinterflame
Magic Card ImageWitness of the Ages
Magic Card ImageWooded Foothills
Magic Card ImageWoolly Loxodon

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Archangel of Thune

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