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Judgment Magic The Gathering Cards

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Judgment is the third set in the Odyssey Block for the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.

This is the second expansion set made that did not have an equal number cards from each color. The first expansion with such an imbalance was its predecessor, the Torment expansion set, which was skewed towards the color black. The Judgment expansion set was meant to balance this, and skews towards green and white, black's enemy colors. The expansion symbol for Judgment was a scale, either to judge or to balance.

The set contains 33 Green cards, 33 White cards, 27 Red cards, 27 Blue cards and 16 Black cards. All multicolored cards in the set are both green and white.

Judgement continues Odyssey's Flashback, Threshold and Punisher mechanics and Torment's Nightmare creatures in the form of Wormfangs and Gorgers. It adds the following:

  • Wishes - a cycle of cards that allow the player to bring in cards that they own from outside the game. Burning Wish, Cunning Wish, Death Wish, Golden Wish, Living Wish.
  • Incarnations - a cycle of cards that granted abilities to creatures in play as long as they were in the graveyard. Anger, Brawn, Filth, Genesis, Glory, Valor, Wonder.% 26nbsp;
  • Phantoms - spirits that are semi-invulnerable. They come into play with a certain number of % 2B1/% 2B1 counters, and instead of taking damage, have one counter removed (But cards that gave a phantom a power boost or a % 2B1/% 2B1 counter, allowed them to stay around as long as the effect is active on the creature. e.g.Mirari's Wake and Elephant Guide ). Phantom Centaur, Phantom Flock, Phantom Nantuko, Phantom Nishoba, Phantom Nomad, Phantom Tiger. Incidentally, this ability also works well with the "Graft" mechanic, introduced in Dissension.

With the release of Judgment, the Wishes (specifically Burning Wish, Cunning Wish, and Living Wish) offered a radical new approach to deckbuilding in tournament play. Control decks and Combo decks across multiple formats revolutionized themselves with the method of devoting sideboard space for combo pieces and silver bullets. In essence, this made the maindeck stronger but the smaller sideboard made postboard games weaker.

Burning Wish received DCI attention after it was showcased in an absurdly powerful Vintage deck called "Long.dec" where multiple Burning Wishes were used to abuse a single Yawgmoth's Will in the sideboard. This tournament-legal combo deck boasted an incredible 60% 1st Turn Kill rate, making it one of the most powerful Magic decks ever. Burning Wish was thusly restricted in Vintage by the DCI on December 1, 2003, making it a good candidate for the most powerful card in Judgment.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAncestor's Chosen
Magic Card ImageAnger
Magic Card ImageAnurid Barkripper
Magic Card ImageAnurid Barkripper - Foil
Magic Card ImageAnurid Brushhopper
Magic Card ImageAnurid Swarmsnapper
Magic Card ImageArcane Teachings
Magic Card ImageArcane Teachings - Foil
Magic Card ImageAven Fogbringer
Magic Card ImageAven Fogbringer - Foil
Magic Card ImageAven Warcraft
Magic Card ImageAven Warcraft - Foil
Magic Card ImageBalthor the Defiled
Magic Card ImageBarbarian Bully
Magic Card ImageBattle Screech
Magic Card ImageBattlefield Scrounger
Magic Card ImageBattlefield Scrounger - Foil
Magic Card ImageBattlewise Aven
Magic Card ImageBattlewise Aven - Foil
Magic Card ImageBenevolent Bodyguard
Magic Card ImageBook Burning
Magic Card ImageBook Burning - Foil
Magic Card ImageBorder Patrol
Magic Card ImageBorder Patrol - Foil
Magic Card ImageBrawn
Magic Card ImageBrawn - Foil
Magic Card ImageBreaking Point
Magic Card ImageBrowbeat
Magic Card ImageBurning Wish
Magic Card ImageCabal Therapy
Magic Card ImageCabal Therapy - Foil
Magic Card ImageCabal Trainee
Magic Card ImageCagemail
Magic Card ImageCagemail - Foil
Magic Card ImageCanopy Claws
Magic Card ImageCanopy Claws - Foil
Magic Card ImageCentaur Rootcaster
Magic Card ImageCephalid Constable
Magic Card ImageCephalid Inkshrouder
Magic Card ImageChastise
Magic Card ImageChastise - Foil
Magic Card ImageCommander Eesha
Magic Card ImageCrush of Wurms
Magic Card ImageCunning Wish
Magic Card ImageDeath Wish
Magic Card ImageDefy Gravity
Magic Card ImageDefy Gravity - Foil
Magic Card ImageDwarven Bloodboiler
Magic Card ImageDwarven Driller
Magic Card ImageDwarven Scorcher
Magic Card ImageDwarven Scorcher - Foil
Magic Card ImageEarsplitting Rats
Magic Card ImageElephant Guide
Magic Card ImageEmber Shot
Magic Card ImageEmber Shot - Foil
Magic Card ImageEnvelop
Magic Card ImageEpic Struggle
Magic Card ImageErhnam Djinn
Magic Card ImageExoskeletal Armor
Magic Card ImageExoskeletal Armor - Foil
Magic Card ImageFilth
Magic Card ImageFirecat Blitz
Magic Card ImageFlaring Pain
Magic Card ImageFlash of Insight
Magic Card ImageFlash of Insight - Foil
Magic Card ImageFledgling Dragon
Magic Card ImageFolk Medicine
Magic Card ImageFolk Medicine - Foil
Magic Card ImageForcemage Advocate
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