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Invasion Magic The Gathering Cards

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Invasion is the 21st expert level set, and the first set in the Invasion block of cards of Magic: The Gathering. The rest of the block is Planeshift and Apocalypse. It contains 350 cards.

Invasion saw the return of multi-colored "gold" cards, absent since the Stronghold expansion. Its major themes revolved around multicolor decks and strategies. The popularity and appeal of "gold" cards along with high but balanced power level culminated into making Invasion one of the most popular Magic sets in the game's history.

The following mechanics first appeared in Invasion:

  • Kicker - Cards with kicker had an optional cost in addition to the card's casting cost. Paying this additional cost would activate an additional ability or effect on the card.
  • Domain - Cards that have an effect based on the number of basic land types the casting player controlled.% 26nbsp;
  • Split cards - Literally two cards printed on one, Split cards had two different effects for different costs. As they were played, their controller chose which half to use.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbsorb
Magic Card ImageAddle
Magic Card ImageAEther Rift
Magic Card ImageAggressive Urge
Magic Card ImageAggressive Urge - Foil
Magic Card ImageAgonizing Demise
Magic Card ImageAgonizing Demise - Foil
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Leech
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Leech - Foil
Magic Card ImageAlloy Golem
Magic Card ImageAlloy Golem - Foil
Magic Card ImageAncient Kavu
Magic Card ImageAncient Kavu - Foil
Magic Card ImageAncient Spring
Magic Card ImageAndradite Leech
Magic Card ImageAngel of Mercy
Magic Card ImageAngelic Shield
Magic Card ImageAnnihilate
Magic Card ImageArchaeological Dig
Magic Card ImageArdent Soldier
Magic Card ImageArmadillo Cloak
Magic Card ImageArmored Guardian
Magic Card ImageArtifact Mutation
Magic Card ImageAssault
Magic Card ImageAtalya, Samite Master
Magic Card ImageAura Mutation
Magic Card ImageAura Shards
Magic Card ImageBacklash
Magic Card ImageBarrin's Spite
Magic Card ImageBarrin's Unmaking
Magic Card ImageBenalish Emissary
Magic Card ImageBenalish Heralds
Magic Card ImageBenalish Heralds - Foil
Magic Card ImageBenalish Lancer
Magic Card ImageBenalish Lancer - Foil
Magic Card ImageBenalish Trapper
Magic Card ImageBenalish Trapper - Foil
Magic Card ImageBend or Break
Magic Card ImageBind
Magic Card ImageBlazing Specter
Magic Card ImageBlind Seer
Magic Card ImageBlinding Light
Magic Card ImageBloodstone Cameo
Magic Card ImageBlurred Mongoose
Magic Card ImageBog Initiate
Magic Card ImageBreaking Wave
Magic Card ImageBreath of Darigaaz
Magic Card ImageCallous Giant
Magic Card ImageCanopy Surge
Magic Card ImageCapashen Unicorn
Magic Card ImageCaptain Sisay
Magic Card ImageCauldron Dance
Magic Card ImageCauldron Dance - Foil
Magic Card ImageChaotic Strike
Magic Card ImageCharging Troll
Magic Card ImageChromatic Sphere
Magic Card ImageCinder Shade
Magic Card ImageCoalition Victory
Magic Card ImageCoastal Tower
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