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Ice Age Magic The Gathering Cards

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Ice Age was the eleventh Magic: The Gathering set and the sixth expert level set, released in June 1995. Set in the years from 450 to 2934 AR, the set describes a world set in perpetual winter due to the events in Antiquities.

Ice Age was the first "stand-alone" expansion; that is, it was the first set that could be played independently of other Magic: The Gathering products. It was the first expansion to reprint the basic lands (aside from an Arabian Nights misprint that left a Mountain on the print sheet).

As Ice Age was the first "stand-alone" expansion set, the designers believed that some "staple" cards from the basic set and expansions should be in the set. Thus, the set was also the first expansion set (aside from the Mountain misprint) to reprint cards. Staple cards like Swords to Plowshares, Giant Growth, Counterspell, and Dark Ritual, as well as popular older cards like Icy Manipulator were reprinted in Ice Age. Also, many cards were functional reprints of already-printed cards; that is, aside from the name (and possibly the creature type), these cards were identical to cards in other sets. Examples include Fyndhorn Elves, a functional reprint of Llanowar Elves; Zuran Spellcaster, a functional reprint of Prodigal Sorcerer; and Order of the White Shield and Knight of Stromgald, functional reprints of the "pump knights" from Fallen Empires.

In Ice Age, a new type of basic land was printed: the snow-covered land. Many players do not realize that, as basic lands, players are allowed to put as many of them in their deck as they wish (except in Limited formats like Draft and Sealed Deck). It is possible to build decks made entirely out of basic lands, such as the five original ones, or the new snow-covered ones. Some cards had effects that were stronger when a player used snow-covered lands rather than normal basic lands, and some effects exposed players using those cards to additional weaknesses. Currently, snow-covered lands are the only basic lands ever printed beyond the five normal basic lands. This mechanic was expanded later in the Coldsnap set, changing the supertype snow-covered to only Snow, and thus able to appear on nonland cards.

Another new mechanic introduced in Ice Age was Cumulative Upkeep. This was a way to get better effects for a cheaper price; however, a player had to keep paying more and more each turn to keep that card in play. Although cumulative upkeep did not have a large impact on the game, similar mechanics (such as Urza's Saga's Echo and Nemesis's Fading) that were born of cumulative upkeep were successful. An interesting note is that cumulative upkeep uses counters to keep track of the "upkeep". This meant that the cumulative upkeep mechanic potentially becomes a source of counters which could be used to feed cards like "Chisei, Heart of Oceans".

Cantrips were also introduced in Ice Age. This mechanic is based on effects that had so little effect on gameplay, that they weren't worth a card. By adding the "draw a card" clause on these cards, players replaced the card and the effect became more interesting. These mechanics were later reused in many ways.

Ice Age was also the first set to have legendary permanents of a single color. In Legends, the first, and until Ice Age, the only set with Legendary permanents, they were either lands, or were at least two colors. For the sake of argument Enchant Worlds are not considered to be legendary in this case even though rules forbid more than one in play at a time. This was due to the designers of Legends wanting these legendary permanents to be more exotic than regular permanents. By the time Ice Age was developed, this stance was softened, and the single-color legends Marton Stromgald and General Jarkeld were printed.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbyssal Specter
Magic Card ImageAdarkar Sentinel
Magic Card ImageAdarkar Unicorn
Magic Card ImageAdarkar Wastes
Magic Card ImageAegis of the Meek
Magic Card ImageAggression
Magic Card ImageAltar of Bone
Magic Card ImageAmulet of Quoz
Magic Card ImageAnarchy
Magic Card ImageArctic Foxes
Magic Card ImageArcum's Sleigh
Magic Card ImageArcum's Weathervane
Magic Card ImageArcum's Whistle
Magic Card ImageArenson's Aura
Magic Card ImageArmor of Faith
Magic Card ImageArnjlot's Ascent
Magic Card ImageAshen Ghoul
Magic Card ImageAurochs
Magic Card ImageAvalanche
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Barbarians
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Bears
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Conjurer
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Hydra
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Shaman
Magic Card ImageBarbarian Guides
Magic Card ImageBarbed Sextant
Magic Card ImageBaton of Morale
Magic Card ImageBattle Cry
Magic Card ImageBattle Frenzy
Magic Card ImageBinding Grasp
Magic Card ImageBlack Scarab
Magic Card ImageBlessed Wine
Magic Card ImageBlinking Spirit
Magic Card ImageBlizzard
Magic Card ImageBlue Scarab
Magic Card ImageBone Shaman
Magic Card ImageBrainstorm
Magic Card ImageBrand of Ill Omen
Magic Card ImageBreath of Dreams
Magic Card ImageBrine Shaman
Magic Card ImageBrown Ouphe
Magic Card ImageBrushland
Magic Card ImageBurnt Offering
Magic Card ImageCall to Arms
Magic Card ImageCaribou Range
Magic Card ImageCelestial Sword
Magic Card ImageCentaur Archer
Magic Card ImageChaos Lord
Magic Card ImageChaos Moon
Magic Card ImageChromatic Armor
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