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Sell Heroes vs. Monsters Magic Cards

Listed below are cards that we are currently looking to buy. If you have some cards that you have too many copies of, aren't using, or are otherwise gathering dust, why not send them in. Turn those cards into cash, or apply them to an order to reduce the overall total, and get cards that you have a use for.

Cards that you are sending in must be in Mint/NM condition and from the English edition. Cards that are in less than Near Mint condtion may be given a discounted price or returned to you depending upon the severity of the condition.

While there is no minimum order size, most trade/card purchases have a $1.00 handling fee in order to help cover any shipping and handling costs in sending payment to you.

Check back frequently as our list changes constantly. Something that we may not need today, could be on the list tomorrow.

Cards on this page are ones that we will buy from you. If you are not looking to sell cards to, please goto our sales pages by clicking here.
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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAnax and Cymede
Magic Card ImageArmory Guard
Magic Card ImageAuramancer
Magic Card ImageBattle Mastery
Magic Card ImageBeast Within
Magic Card ImageBlood Ogre
Magic Card ImageBonds of Faith
Magic Card ImageBoros Guildgate
Magic Card ImageCavalry Pegasus
Magic Card ImageCondemn
Magic Card ImageConquering Manticore
Magic Card ImageCrater Hellion
Magic Card ImageCrowned Ceratok
Magic Card ImageDaily Regimen
Magic Card ImageDawnstrike Paladin
Magic Card ImageDeadly Recluse
Magic Card ImageDestructive Revelry
Magic Card ImageDeus of Calamity
Magic Card ImageDragon Blood
Magic Card ImageFencing Ace
Magic Card ImageFigure of Destiny
Magic Card ImageFires of Yavimaya
Magic Card ImageFreewind Equenaut
Magic Card ImageGhor-Clan Savage
Magic Card ImageGorehorn Minotaurs
Magic Card ImageGriffin Guide
Magic Card ImageGustcloak Sentinel
Magic Card ImageKamahl, Pit Fighter
Magic Card ImageKavu Predator
Magic Card ImageKazandu Refuge
Magic Card ImageKrosan Tusker
Magic Card ImageLlanowar Reborn
Magic Card ImageMagma Jet
Magic Card ImageMiraculous Recovery
Magic Card ImageMoment of Heroism
Magic Card ImageNew Benalia
Magic Card ImageNobilis of War
Magic Card ImageOrcish Lumberjack
Magic Card ImageOrdeal of Purphoros
Magic Card ImagePay No Heed
Magic Card ImagePolukranos, World Eater
Magic Card ImagePrey Upon
Magic Card ImagePyroclasm
Magic Card ImagePyrokinesis
Magic Card ImageRegrowth
Magic Card ImageRighteousness
Magic Card ImageSatyr Hedonist
Magic Card ImageShower of Sparks
Magic Card ImageSkarrg, the Rage Pits
Magic Card ImageSkarrgan Firebird
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