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Stasis Sphinx

The deck centers around two combos with Stasis. First, the Stasis + Vedalken Mastermind + Frozen Aether combo, where your opponent is locked without an untap phase with yourself using Vedalken to bounce Stasis so that you can untap. And Second, the Stasis + Howling Mine + Fosaken City + Black Vise combo, where it is possible for you to remove cards from the game as a way to feed the Stasis while Black Vise to squeezes all the life out of your opponent. Serra Sphinx is used as a substitute for Dolan’s Serra Angel, as the beat down stick in the deck. All other cards are supplementary to these combos, and are basically there to prevent you from dying in the early game. Wall of Denial prevents any creature threats from killing you. Absorb and Ivory Tower can help you recover from any early beatings you might take. The deck features a host of cheap, non-mana costing counterspells, as well as giving you chance to reset your islands so that you can potentially feed the Stasis lock. Ideally you would want 4 Force of Wills in there if you’re willing to pay the $50.00 each price tag of the cards, but I theorize the deck will work fine in this set up. I’m still theorizing around with this deck. I might change it into a pure blue deck if I can figure out how to defend early game threats in a more efficient way. I’m considering things like Energy Field, Propaganda, Orb of Dreams and Fog Bank as replacements for the blue/white spells in the deck.

The Deck

The Sideboard

Submitted By: kalessin
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Magic Card ImageAbsorb
Magic Card ImageArcane Denial
Magic Card ImageBlack Vise
Magic Card ImageCounterspell
Magic Card ImageDaze
Magic Card ImageFoil
Magic Card ImageForsaken City
Magic Card ImageFrozen AEther
Magic Card ImageHowling Mine
Magic Card ImageIsland
Magic Card ImageIvory Tower
Magic Card ImageSerra Sphinx
Magic Card ImageStasis
Magic Card ImageThalakos Lowlands
Magic Card ImageThwart
Magic Card ImageVedalken Mastermind
Magic Card ImageWall of Denial


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