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kor Salvation

This deck was built in honor to Kor creatures. The Kor have various skills related to the equipment they control. There are key cards (Armament Master) what will let your Kor even bigger. Others will keep your game on the defensive (Smite), while others will protect your creatures (Brave the Elements). The choice of the equipment was the mana cost, but even if you have ideas for this type of artifact is not bad either, as big rigs can be helped by seekers of mana (Kor Cartographer or Explorer´s Scope).

The Deck

The Sideboard

Submitted By: lughin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageArmament Master
Magic Card ImageArmament Master - Foil
Magic Card ImageBrave the Elements
Magic Card ImageConqueror's Pledge
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Axe
Magic Card ImageExplorer's Scope
Magic Card ImageGuardians' Pledge
Magic Card ImageKitesail Apprentice
Magic Card ImageKor Duelist
Magic Card ImageKor Hookmaster
Magic Card ImageKor Hookmaster - Foil
Magic Card ImageKor Outfitter
Magic Card ImageKor Outfitter - Foil
Magic Card ImageKor Skyfisher
Magic Card ImageSlagwurm Armor
Magic Card ImageSmite
Magic Card ImageTrusty Machete


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