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Angel Apocolypse

NO CREATURES. It would ruin the whole concept of the deck. This deck is more or less a good control, and a good aggro, all at the same time. I substituted a couple of the cards (As I cannot remember the names of the other cards). Overall, I love this deck, and it irritates your opponent to an extremity.

The Deck

Submitted By: PooperScooperii8
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageEnduring Renewal
Magic Card ImageJourney to Nowhere
Magic Card ImageJourney to Nowhere - Foil
Magic Card ImageOblivion Ring
Magic Card ImageOpal Archangel
Magic Card ImageOpal Champion
Magic Card ImageOpal Champion - Foil
Magic Card ImageOpal Gargoyle
Magic Card ImageOpal Titan
Magic Card ImagePacifism
Magic Card ImagePlains
Magic Card ImagePrison Term
Magic Card ImageRecumbent Bliss
Magic Card ImageSigil of the Empty Throne



  • This deck has driven my opponents to distraction. It is so far undefeated. I did add 2 privileged positions, 2 angel feathers, and white counter spells and a couple Mesa Enchantress, even though it goes against the no creature concept (allows me to draw a card for every enchantment I play, and they are all enchantments). It develops quickly and runs well. Best of all it wasn\'t that expensive to build. -

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