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snake sliver legion

it was a hundred card deck, but i took the excuse of not being able to fit it in this deck log as an excuse to make it as small as my normal decks, 60 cards. as you can see, i like to only have one of each card, makes slivers a dream, and i have plenty of little 1/1 green snake/sliver tokens to make a true sliver legion

The Deck

Submitted By: zamba136
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAkki Underminer
Magic Card ImageAmbush Commander
Magic Card ImageArcane Sanctum
Magic Card ImageBattering Sliver
Magic Card ImageBattering Sliver - Foil
Magic Card ImageCounterspell
Magic Card ImageCruel Edict
Magic Card ImageCrumbling Necropolis
Magic Card ImageCrystalline Sliver
Magic Card ImageDoubling Season
Magic Card ImageEssence Sliver
Magic Card ImageForbidden Crypt
Magic Card ImageFury Sliver
Magic Card ImageGemhide Sliver
Magic Card ImageGnat Miser
Magic Card ImageGrab the Reins
Magic Card ImageGraceful Adept
Magic Card ImageHail of Arrows
Magic Card ImageHivestone
Magic Card ImageKaervek's Torch
Magic Card ImageKusari-Gama
Magic Card ImageLocust Miser
Magic Card ImageNecrotic Sliver
Magic Card ImageOkiba-Gang Shinobi
Magic Card ImageOrochi Hatchery
Magic Card ImagePulmonic Sliver
Magic Card ImageQuick Sliver
Magic Card ImageReflex Sliver
Magic Card ImageReflex Sliver - Foil
Magic Card ImageRune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant
Magic Card ImageSliver Legion
Magic Card ImageSpikeshot Goblin
Magic Card ImageStream of Life
Magic Card ImageSwallowing Plague
Magic Card ImageSynapse Sliver
Magic Card ImageSynchronous Sliver
Magic Card ImageToxin Sliver
Magic Card ImageTwo-Headed Sliver
Magic Card ImageVirulent Sliver
Magic Card ImageVoice of the Woods
Magic Card ImageWhispers of the Muse


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