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Satanic Ogre-Rat

This deck is all about using weaker cards to bring out and control the really strong ones. The Ogres and Demons work together and the Rats help bring bring out the kick-ass Patron of the Nezumi.

Submitted By Dr.Sadistic

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAltar of Shadows
Magic Card ImageBeacon of Destruction
Magic Card ImageBlood Speaker
Magic Card ImageBloodthirsty Ogre
Magic Card ImageEmpyrial Plate
Magic Card ImageEmpyrial Plate - Foil
Magic Card ImageFrost Ogre
Magic Card ImageGrinning Demon
Magic Card ImageHeartless Hidetsugu
Magic Card ImageHeartless Hidetsugu - Foil
Magic Card ImageKiku, Night's Flower
Magic Card ImageKuro, Pitlord
Magic Card ImageKyoki, Sanity's Eclipse
Magic Card ImageMark of the Oni
Magic Card ImageMindslaver
Magic Card ImageMindslaver - Foil
Magic Card ImageMountain
Magic Card ImageNezumi Cutthroat
Magic Card ImageNezumi Ronin
Magic Card ImageNezumi Shortfang
Magic Card ImageOgre Enforcer
Magic Card ImageOgre Shaman
Magic Card ImageOkiba-Gang Shinobi
Magic Card ImageOni Possession
Magic Card ImageOverblaze
Magic Card ImagePainwracker Oni
Magic Card ImagePatron of the Nezumi
Magic Card ImageReiver Demon
Magic Card ImageSwallowing Plague
Magic Card ImageSwamp
Magic Card ImageVillainous Ogre
Magic Card ImageYukora, the Prisoner


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