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simple bloom and fertile for mana to get worm, elephant, and squirrel tokens then multiply like crazy with evolution. protect yourself early with moments peace and stay alive with stream until the army is ready then over run everybody. brawn in graveyard for trample effect. and people say math is overrated....hehehe

Submitted By neshoba

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageBrawn
Magic Card ImageBrawn - Foil
Magic Card ImageCall of the Herd
Magic Card ImageChatter of the Squirrel
Magic Card ImageCoat of Arms
Magic Card ImageCrush of Wurms
Magic Card ImageFertile Ground
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageMoment's Peace
Magic Card ImageParallel Evolution
Magic Card ImageRoar of the Wurm
Magic Card ImageStream of Life
Magic Card ImageVernal Bloom


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