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Decks Containing Visara-the-Dreadful

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Never Lose - Reanimator
60 Cards
Value: $521.77
I have been perfecting this for years, and once you have lightning greaves out, you are unstoppable. Turn 1: swamp, dark ritual, buried alive for reya, prince, visara Turn 2: swamp, animate dead on reya Turn 3: control All the other cards are support for whatever situation you may encounter. I had 2 platinum angels in here and people would not play me (Iona will make people give up also). You can add necromancy instead of dance of the dead, but they speed up reya\'s glorious entrance. Enjoy!
Just Another Simple Mono-black
60 Cards
Value: $227.74
just a simple mono-black that doesn't comes with a heavy price tag. early hand removals with duress, cabal therapy & mesmeric fiend. creature removals with faceless butcher, infest, chainer's edict & visara. phyrexian arena a must have for all mono-black. if you got the cash, you can swap the infest with mutilate and the diabolic tutor with better ones like demonic or vampiric.
Type 1 Mono Black Control
59 Cards
Value: $295.81
it is a deck that controls everything.......from the boards to the library it deals major damage...
Black Redemption
61 Cards
Value: $135.06
it is a fun deck to play. i like it because there is multiple strategys that can be played using this deck. i also like having complete control of my oppenet. also with only 65 cards and mayn of the same card there is a good chance that you will draw what you want. ( also the deck that looks just like this one just not as complete was an accident :)
Hazel's Benzo
60 Cards
Value: $371.91
7-1 win ratio -updated weekly
60 Cards
Value: $49.84
kill the creatures and go on to kill the opponenet
58 Cards
Value: $192.83
this is a good deck
Revenge Of The Sengirs
55 Cards
Value: $41.64
this deck raped ur mom last night
Black Death
43 Cards
Value: $38.64
Black Kill Creatures
60 Cards
Value: $41.54
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