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Decks Containing Seal-of-Fire

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60 Cards
Value: $48.96
pretty simple: burnnn! deal with the creatures and use Repercussion to deal damage as you keep the battlefield clean. **Subject to changes**
Insolent Master (need More Combos For The Deck)
66 Cards
Value: $38.84
the main combo in the deck is the benalish trapper and master decoy/insolence combo. the deck is good on the defense (hence the blessings and mothers). i need more combos to make the deck even better. e-mail the tips to malys_13
60 Cards
Value: $41.32
This deck uses the instants and sorcerys to deal direct damage to your opponent while your creatures take the beating instead of you. The deck has worked well for me and hasn't lost yet.[although i just play my friends] Watch out for decks with circle protec
Burning In A Stake Pit...
60 Cards
Value: $47.56
boom! sizzle...
Inexpensive 4th Turn Kill Burn Deck
60 Cards
Value: $148.58
use the sideboard only when playing multiplayer. it can kill on the 4th turn. it still can win counter decks. beware of fast creature decks. ex:1st turn raging goblin & the blood lusts.......
Faster Than Fast
56 Cards
Value: $31.81
get a raging goblin out first turn. next turn, enchant him with a maniacal rage. third turn, (hopefully by now you'll have 3 mountain) play another raging goblin and another maniacal rage on him. if you attacked each turn, you'll have your opponent to 10 by the end of your third turn.
Feel The Heat!
60 Cards
Value: $48.28
very very fast deck i've had for at least a year. i can usually take out a player in 5 turns with a good draw. ps: this is the real deck, the other one with the sideboard is wrong!
Burn Deck
60 Cards
Value: $47.32
Feel The Heat!
39 Cards
Value: $33.99
very very fast deck i've had for al least a year. i can usually take out a player in 5 turns with a good draw.
Slivers. For Dummies
59 Cards
Value: $156.91
with your army of slivers almost nothing can stop you..............................................................
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