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Decks Containing Ascendant Evincar

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Assassin Sweep
60 Cards
Value: $122.85
When this deck gets going, nothing else is on the board.
Animate Deck
63 Cards
Value: $203.71
discard, revive, bad moon repeat
Zombie Search
38 Cards
Value: $71.44
sacrafice your zombies for searching other zombies an put them back with infernal caretaker with cosume spirit you gain life and and your opponent lode life and with shepered of rod yor opponent and you lose life
My Creature Destruction
63 Cards
Value: $22.44
Death By Zombie
64 Cards
Value: $34.51
This deck is pretty sweet. I just finished a game (I won) where I did 65 damage of overkill. It was actually quite entertaining.
Dream Syggnature
56 Cards
Value: $68.68
Deal direct damage and purge spells on creatures/lands to take advantage of Sygg and Mortivore. Evincar and Liege beef you up. Festercreep is in sideboard for token and swarm decks, Sudden Death subs for Terror is you're against a black deck. Chainbreaker will let you keep the Redcaps coming back if you need it.
Black Token Madness
56 Cards
Value: $39.30
Fois Gras, Or, Mill 'em & Kill 'em
94 Cards
Value: $70.30
Chubby Bunny Eats Poo (i Made It Better)
61 Cards
Value: $42.64
its really cool if u like black just try it out if u have the cards
Nightmares...too Many Nightmares
43 Cards
Value: $49.12
the cards in the side board section above the dotted line r part of the deck, i just couldnt fit them in. thi
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