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Dark Magic The Gathering Cards

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The Dark was the eighth Magic: The Gathering set and the fourth expert level set, released in August 1994. The set continued the story begun in Antiquities and recounted the aftermath of the events of that set. The 119-card set had a dark, sacrificial theme, though unlike its predecessor Legends it did not add any new keywords.

This set, as well as the next sets, Fallen Empires and Homelands, are widely considered by players to be the weakest Magic sets. Unlike all the previous sets, The Dark was created with an overall decrease in the power level and the speed of the game. Initial problems with the Power Nine in Alpha/Beta/Unlimited, the Library of Alexandria and Ali from Cairo Arabian Nights, as well as Mana Drain and The Abyss in Legends had led Magic designers to more closely consider all the possibilities when creating an individual card. This led to an underpowered set, and this trend continued until the Tempest expansion in 1997, with the exception of only a few cards.

The Dark is also the oldest set released to not have a card retail over $100 USD on the secondary market. In fact, so few of the cards are generally considered "worthwhile" in this set that almost all of them can be bought for less than $1 and all the rest usually under $11.

The Dark introduced no new mechanics. However, it did utilize several themes that would be used later on in Magic sets.

  • "Sacrifice", where a player has to sacrifice something to gain the upper hand against an opponent, usually life or creatures. A good example of this is Blood of the Martyr.
  • "Tribal", an archetype which would later be more prominent in Magic, established its roots here. Specifically, Goblins received boosts such as Goblin Caves and Goblin Shrine.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAmnesia
Magic Card ImageAngry Mob
Magic Card ImageApprentice Wizard
Magic Card ImageAshes to Ashes
Magic Card ImageBall Lightning
Magic Card ImageBanshee
Magic Card ImageBarl's Cage
Magic Card ImageBlood Moon
Magic Card ImageBlood of the Martyr
Magic Card ImageBog Imp
Magic Card ImageBog Rats
Magic Card ImageBone Flute
Magic Card ImageBook of Rass
Magic Card ImageBrainwash
Magic Card ImageBrothers of Fire
Magic Card ImageCarnivorous Plant
Magic Card ImageCave People
Magic Card ImageCity of Shadows
Magic Card ImageCleansing
Magic Card ImageCoal Golem
Magic Card ImageCurse Artifact
Magic Card ImageDance of Many
Magic Card ImageDark Heart of the Wood
Magic Card ImageDark Sphere
Magic Card ImageDeep Water
Magic Card ImageDiabolic Machine
Magic Card ImageDrowned
Magic Card ImageDust to Dust
Magic Card ImageEater of the Dead
Magic Card ImageElectric Eel
Magic Card ImageElves of Deep Shadow
Magic Card ImageErosion
Magic Card ImageEternal Flame
Magic Card ImageExorcist
Magic Card ImageFasting
Magic Card ImageFellwar Stone
Magic Card ImageFestival
Magic Card ImageFire and Brimstone
Magic Card ImageFire Drake
Magic Card ImageFissure
Magic Card ImageFlood
Magic Card ImageFountain of Youth
Magic Card ImageFrankenstein's Monster
Magic Card ImageGaea's Touch
Magic Card ImageGhost Ship
Magic Card ImageGiant Shark
Magic Card ImageGoblin Caves
Magic Card ImageGoblin Digging Team
Magic Card ImageGoblin Hero
Magic Card ImageGoblin Rock Sled
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