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Combos Utilizing Dance-of-Many

Magic The Gathering Combo
play mask to fill opponent's hand with cards that help you. cast dance making token copy of efreet. sac that token. unless opponent pays 10 life, card from his hand goes into your hand
Magic The Gathering Combo
when axelrod comes into play then bring dance of many into play. it dance of many makes an exact replica of axelrod.
Magic The Gathering Combo
have fiends in play. cast dance & make copy of fiends. rescue dance back to your hand. sac fiends token to move artifact in opponent's graveyard to your graveyard. cast dance next turn & repeat
Magic The Gathering Combo
use the animate artifact to make chaos orb a creature, then chose something obnoxious for dance of many's token creature, such as a box of confetti!

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Make Your Own Card

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