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Biorhythm + Obliterate + Symbiotic Wurm

You're left with 7 creatures after Obliterate goes off. Biorhythm is self explainatory.
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageBiorhythm
Magic Card ImageObliterate
Magic Card ImageSymbiotic Wurm



  • You should just use somthing like Myr sire and day of jugdement instead -
  • you tap the lands for mana first. - doug -
  • This combo does work but it is very costly. First you would have to have the wurm in play. Then you would have to produce 16 mana into your mana pool. This mana does not go away until the particular phase ends. So you use 2 red and 6 others to cast the Obiliterate and it destroys all artifacts, creatures, and lands. Your left with 8 mana in your mana pool hopefully you have at least 2 green. Spend 2 green and 6 others to cast your Biorhythm. So you end up with 7 life and your opponents have 0. -
  • How do you play biorythem after AFTER YOU DESTROY YOUR LANDS -

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