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Dovescape + Guile

When a spell is cast, it can be countered and cast repeatedly for an infinite number of bird tokens.
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageDovescape
Magic Card ImageGuile



  • Its infinite because it creates infinite birds. The non-creature spell is countered, and exiled, you can then play it. As soon as you play it its exiled to be played again, and birds are put into play. - jpegleg -
  • This combo doesn\'t work. Not because it\'s an enchantment and not an instant. The enchantments ability is a triggered ability and so is Guiles\'. Dovescape\'s ability can only take place if a spell is countered, but Guiles\' ability says that instead of countering a spell it is removed from the game. So you could play the spell and it would be removed from the game infinitely which would serve no purpose -
  • no because it\'s an enchantment not an interrupt/instant. -
  • However, Can you play the card numerous times ? -
  • If you read Guiles\' abilitly you\'ll see how it\'s infinite birds. I\'m running that combo myself. The spell is removed from the game and played without paying its mana cost therefore inifinite birds -
  • It\'s removed from the game, how is it infinite? -

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