Starter 1999 Magic The Gathering Cards
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Starter 1999 Magic The Gathering Cards

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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Abyssal Horror$0.984
Air Elemental$0.306
Alluring Scent$1.013
Ancient Craving$6.355
Angel of Light  
Angel of Mercy (Invasion)$0.2410
Angelic Blessing$0.307
Ardent Militia$0.328
Barbtooth Wurm$0.305
Blinding Light$1.544
Bog Imp$0.2111
Bog Raiders$0.246
Bog Wraith$0.437
Border Guard$0.237
Breath of Life$0.702
Bull Hippo$0.2710
Champion Lancer$5.004
Charging Paladin$0.305
Chorus of Woe$0.224
Cinder Storm$2.082
Coral Eel$0.245
Counterspell (Unlimited)$1.7410
Dakmor Ghoul$4.002
Dakmor Lancer$0.985
Dakmor Plague$0.3410
Dakmor Scorpion$0.2113
Dakmor Sorceress  
Dark Offering$0.444
Denizen of the Deep$3.064
Devastation (Portal)$22.981
Devoted Hero$0.307
Devout Monk$0.306
Dread Reaper (Portal)$0.884
Durkwood Boars$0.218
Eager Cadet$0.2614
Earth Elemental$0.307
Eye Spy$0.265
False Peace$0.2910
Feral Shadow$0.245
Fire Elemental$0.264
Fire Tempest$1.254
Foot Soldiers$0.249
Gerrard's Wisdom (Weatherlight)$0.1910
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