Nemesis Magic The Gathering Cards
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Nemesis Magic The Gathering Cards

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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Accumulated Knowledge$0.2916
Accumulated Knowledge - Foil$5.263
AEther Barrier$0.895
AEther Barrier - Foil$4.081
Air Bladder$0.1516
Air Bladder - Foil$0.473
Ancient Hydra$0.1910
Ancient Hydra - Foil$2.942
Angelic Favor$0.2110
Angelic Favor - Foil$1.372
Animate Land$0.1810
Animate Land - Foil$0.852
Arc Mage$0.1810
Arc Mage - Foil$0.563
Ascendant Evincar$1.461
Ascendant Evincar - Foil$9.782
Avenger en-Dal$0.895
Avenger en-Dal - Foil$2.423
Battlefield Percher$0.1810
Battlefield Percher - Foil$0.531
Belbe's Armor$0.1910
Belbe's Armor - Foil$0.565
Belbe's Percher$0.1516
Belbe's Percher - Foil$0.445
Belbe's Portal$2.655
Blastoderm - Foil$2.924
Blinding Angel$2.095
Bola Warrior$0.1416
Bola Warrior - Foil$0.432
Carrion Wall$0.1810
Carrion Wall - Foil$0.901
Chieftain en-Dal$0.1810
Chieftain en-Dal - Foil$0.742
Cloudskate - Foil$0.902
Coiling Woodworm$0.1810
Coiling Woodworm - Foil$0.564
Complex Automaton$0.895
Complex Automaton - Foil$1.591
Dark Triumph$0.1910
Dark Triumph - Foil$0.575
Death Pit Offering$0.895
Death Pit Offering - Foil$3.001
Defender en-Vec$0.1416
Defender en-Vec - Foil$0.434
Defiant Falcon$0.1416
Defiant Falcon - Foil$0.881
Defiant Vanguard$0.1910
Defiant Vanguard - Foil$1.271
Divining Witch$0.895
Divining Witch - Foil$4.493
Downhill Charge$0.1416
Downhill Charge - Foil$0.476
Ensnare - Foil$1.691
Eye of Yawgmoth$0.895
Eye of Yawgmoth - Foil$2.212
Fanatical Devotion$0.1416
Fanatical Devotion - Foil$0.631
Flame Rift$0.9216
Flame Rift - Foil$23.681
Flint Golem$0.1910
Flint Golem - Foil$0.504
Flowstone Armor$0.1810
Flowstone Armor - Foil$0.542
Flowstone Crusher$0.1416
Flowstone Crusher - Foil$0.446
Flowstone Overseer$0.895
Flowstone Overseer - Foil$2.991
Flowstone Slide$0.895
Flowstone Slide - Foil$2.371
Flowstone Strike$0.1416
Flowstone Strike - Foil$0.456
Flowstone Surge$0.1910
Flowstone Surge - Foil$0.682
Flowstone Thopter$0.1810
Flowstone Thopter - Foil$0.596
Flowstone Wall$0.1416
Flowstone Wall - Foil$0.434
Fog Patch$0.1616
Fog Patch - Foil$0.533
Harvest Mage$0.1416
Harvest Mage - Foil$0.485
Jolting Merfolk$0.1810
Jolting Merfolk - Foil$0.855
Kill Switch$0.895
Kor Haven$9.725
Laccolith Grunt$0.1416
Laccolith Grunt - Foil$0.454
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