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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Sandstorm Eidolon$0.1814
Sandstorm Eidolon - Foil$0.475
Seal of Doom$0.1713
Seal of Doom - Foil$0.482
Seal of Fire$0.2116
Seal of Fire - Foil$0.742
Shielding Plax$0.2116
Shielding Plax - Foil$0.803
Silkwing Scout$0.1816
Silkwing Scout - Foil$0.493
Simic Basilisk$0.2310
Simic Basilisk - Foil$0.522
Simic Growth Chamber$1.2615
Simic Guildmage$1.069
Simic Guildmage - Foil$4.401
Simic Initiate$0.1812
Simic Initiate - Foil$0.473
Simic Ragworm$0.1813
Simic Ragworm - Foil$0.474
Simic Signet$0.2216
Simic Signet - Foil$6.852
Simic Sky Swallower$2.064
Simic Sky Swallower - Foil$23.332
Skullmead Cauldron$0.237
Skullmead Cauldron - Foil$0.533
Sky Hussar$0.3210
Skyscribing - Foil$1.323
Slaughterhouse Bouncer$0.1814
Slaughterhouse Bouncer - Foil$0.475
Slithering Shade$0.219
Slithering Shade - Foil$0.502
Soulsworn Jury$0.1813
Soulsworn Jury - Foil$0.473
Spell Snare$7.205
Sporeback Troll$0.189
Sporeback Troll - Foil$0.772
Sprouting Phytohydra$2.064
Sprouting Phytohydra - Foil$8.601
Squealing Devil$0.215
Squealing Devil - Foil$0.962
Stalking Vengeance$1.027
Stalking Vengeance - Foil$7.961
Steeling Stance$0.1812
Steeling Stance - Foil$0.474
Stoic Ephemera$0.2210
Stoic Ephemera - Foil$0.512
Stomp and Howl$0.2310
Stomp and Howl - Foil$0.723
Stormscale Anarch$0.894
Street Savvy$0.1816
Street Savvy - Foil$0.473
Supply - Foil$1.471
Swift Silence$0.895
Swift Silence - Foil$2.482

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