2nd best dragon deck
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2nd best dragon deck

rituel heavy to dragonstorm lots of powerful dragons of my choice

The Deck

Submitted By: wonderboy
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Blood Crypt (Return to Ravnica)$8.296
Blood Crypt (Return to Ravnica) - Foil$36.064
Dark Ritual (Fourth Edition)$0.9416
Dragon Mage (Scourge)$5.834
Dragon Mage (Scourge) - Foil$24.451
Dragonspeaker Shaman (Scourge)$4.661
Dragonspeaker Shaman (Scourge) - Foil$11.011
Dragonstorm (Modern Masters)$1.035
Dragonstorm (Modern Masters) - Foil$5.163
Flameblast Dragon (Archenemy)$0.982
Kilnmouth Dragon (Knights vs. Dragons)$1.625
Kokusho, the Evening Star (Champions Of Kamigawa)$11.546
Kokusho, the Evening Star (Champions Of Kamigawa) - Foil$41.251
Malfegor (Commander)$3.293
Rite of Flame (Coldsnap)$1.7416
Rite of Flame (Coldsnap) - Foil$14.166
Rorix Bladewing (Planechase)$1.341
Scourge of Kher Ridges (Future Sight)$3.615
Scourge of Kher Ridges (Future Sight) - Foil$30.891
Seething Song (Ninth Edition)$0.9515
Seething Song (Ninth Edition) - Foil$5.621
Shivan Dragon (Fourth Edition)$1.083
Sol Ring (Commander 2013)$3.595
Sulfurous Springs (Sixth Edition)$2.154
Swamp (Magic 2015)$0.144
Swamp (Magic 2015) - Foil$1.212
Vampiric Dragon (Odyssey)$3.473
Vampiric Dragon (Odyssey) - Foil$13.502


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