Naya Deck
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Naya Deck

The Deck

Submitted By: PALI110390
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Apocalypse Hydra (Conflux)$16.004
Apocalypse Hydra (Conflux) - Foil$20.081
Armillary Sphere (Commander)$0.062
Asha's Favor (Conflux)$0.145
Asha's Favor (Conflux) - Foil$0.352
Branching Bolt (Shards Of Alara)$0.148
Branching Bolt (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.584
Cylian Sunsinger (Conflux)$0.895
Cylian Sunsinger (Conflux) - Foil$0.862
Druid of the Anima (Shards Of Alara)$0.146
Druid of the Anima (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.503
Elvish Visionary (Shards Of Alara)$0.158
Elvish Visionary (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$1.242
Evolution Charm (Planar Chaos)$0.2212
Evolution Charm (Planar Chaos) - Foil$0.743
Exploding Borders (Conflux)$0.1412
Exploding Borders (Conflux) - Foil$0.353
Feral Hydra (Shards Of Alara)$0.612
Gift of the Gargantuan (Shards Of Alara)$0.149
Gift of the Gargantuan (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.352
Hellspark Elemental (Conflux)$1.164
Hellspark Elemental (Conflux) - Foil$2.294
Keeper of Progenitus (Shards Of Alara)$0.897
Keeper of Progenitus (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.912
Knotvine Mystic (Conflux)$0.3110
Knotvine Mystic (Conflux) - Foil$0.491
Martial Coup (Conflux)$3.363
Martial Coup (Conflux) - Foil$10.513
Mosstodon (Shards Of Alara)$0.149
Mosstodon (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.352
Naya Charm (Shards Of Alara)$0.2310
Naya Charm (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.914
Naya Panorama (Shards Of Alara)$0.2016
Naya Panorama (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.354
Obelisk of Naya (Shards Of Alara)$0.1416
Obelisk of Naya (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.354
Oblivion Ring (Magic 2012)$0.5410
Oblivion Ring (Magic 2012) - Foil$2.962
Rakeclaw Gargantuan (Shards Of Alara)$0.148
Rakeclaw Gargantuan (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.354
Soul's Fire (Shards Of Alara)$0.2316
Soul's Fire (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.541
Soul's Might (Shards Of Alara)$0.1410
Soul's Might (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.353
Swell of Courage (Elspeth vs. Tezzeret)$0.032
Terramorphic Expanse (Phyrexia vs. The Coalition)$0.042
Toxic Iguanar (Conflux)$0.148
Toxic Iguanar (Conflux) - Foil$0.354
Vagrant Plowbeasts (Conflux)$0.197
Vagrant Plowbeasts (Conflux) - Foil$0.352
Woolly Thoctar (Shards Of Alara)$0.347
Woolly Thoctar (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$1.984


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