idk what to call it
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idk what to call it

i am new i got all the crad of a kid at my school can you help p.s. i don,t know if it good or not but i won all the game i played so far but 1 so it 99 wins/1 loss the loss was my first game i ever played

The Deck

Submitted By: chimera
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Ancient Den (Mirrodin)$1.475
Ancient Den (Mirrodin) - Foil$9.894
Awe Strike (Mirrodin)$0.1814
Blaze (Sixth Edition)$0.316
Brion Stoutarm (Commander)$0.897
Bull Cerodon (Planechase)$0.295
Curtain of Light (Saviors Of Kamigawa)$0.1516
Curtain of Light (Saviors Of Kamigawa) - Foil$0.441
Dogpile (Ravnica)$0.1516
Dogpile (Ravnica) - Foil$0.441
Dragon Fodder (Shards Of Alara)$0.424
Dragon Fodder (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.752
Flameblast Dragon (Archenemy)$0.982
Goblin Mountaineer (Starter 1999)$0.188
Hissing Iguanar (Shards Of Alara)$0.1510
Hissing Iguanar (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.442
Incurable Ogre (Shards Of Alara)$0.1410
Incurable Ogre (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.444
Invincible Hymn (Shards Of Alara)$0.894
Jund Panorama (Commander 2013)$0.297
Knight of the Skyward Eye (Shards Of Alara)$0.158
Knight of the Skyward Eye (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.444
Marble Chalice (Shards Of Alara)$0.149
Marble Chalice (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.434
Obsidian Acolyte (Invasion)$0.1614
Obsidian Acolyte (Invasion) - Foil$0.453
Plains (Magic 2015)$0.144
Plains (Magic 2015) - Foil$0.704
Power of Fire (Conspiracy)$0.184
Power of Fire (Conspiracy) - Foil$0.472
Rain of Embers (Ravnica)$0.1516
Rain of Embers (Ravnica) - Foil$0.432
Resounding Thunder (Shards Of Alara)$0.1512
Resounding Thunder (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.534
Ronin Cavekeeper (Saviors Of Kamigawa)$0.1516
Ronin Cavekeeper (Saviors Of Kamigawa) - Foil$0.441
Screeching Griffin (Ravnica)$0.1516
Screeching Griffin (Ravnica) - Foil$0.443
Sell-Sword Brute (Ravnica)$0.1516
Sell-Sword Brute (Ravnica) - Foil$0.442
Shock (Stronghold)$0.1816
Sigiled Paladin (Shards Of Alara)$0.4310
Sigiled Paladin (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$1.954
Spikeshot Goblin (Mirrodin)$0.1516
Vithian Stinger (Shards Of Alara)$0.159
Vithian Stinger (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.532
Vulshok Berserker (Magic 2011)$0.154
Vulshok Berserker (Magic 2011) - Foil$0.442
Yoked Plowbeast (Shards Of Alara)$0.1412
Yoked Plowbeast (Shards Of Alara) - Foil$0.432
Yuki-Onna (Saviors Of Kamigawa)$0.1810
Yuki-Onna (Saviors Of Kamigawa) - Foil$0.831


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